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Important treatment advise I have learned!

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I see many post where patients had surgery Before radiation.  Issue may arise if a recurrence occurs in the same general location as previous treatment area that additional radiation may not be possible due to where, amount, type and bunch of other stuff concerning the first exposure.  That leaves chemo which is not effective at killing cancer cells, only at possibly controlling them and surgery which may or may not be possible and is in itself fraught with some pretty high risk.

In my case it was chemo with rad then lvor/Lewis resulting in a repositioning of the affected cancer location. My anastamosis is 6-8" higher than where the 1st cancer was located and treated and therefore out of the radiation treatment area, but just barely.

Had my radiation come after surgery I would not be able to have additional rad treatments for this recurrence.

btw, ct simulation is tomorrow with treatment beginning in two weeks.

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