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Now what!?!?

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Sara Zipora
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This post qualifies as 'now what'!

PET/CT colorful around ureterer, possibly Ca encroaching. Some docs said yes! others said fibroids from scar tissue from radiation, as was previously reported to help 'with one hand' and 'cause Prblems later on', my story exactly.

now rad scar tissue seems to be blocking,from outside, ureter tube from kidney to bladder. Soooo now, just to check if Ca or not, did MRI which is in Blk and greys, so as not confuse, with colors, and now it looks like fibroids are indeed blocking uterine flow causing back up to kidney which could cause huge problems for me vis a vis kidney backup or failure.

now suggestion is for rt uterer stent which can be done a few ways, and neeDs to be removeD in a month or two, and not particularly comfortable.

anyone have experience with this?


ironically, Ca is quiet, uterer 'noisy' in that it needs attention,  and my cataract really needs to be done, so I can see, with myonly seeing eye, my son's wedding.

i Am hoping they will do cataract a week or two after stent. -anyone with prior knowledge or experience?




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Hi Sara,

I have no personal experience with this issue, but I see it often at my hospital. Some people go many years with stents having them exchanged regularly with no problems. Others encounter problems with clogs and/or infections. You really won't know how you respond until you get one. I do know that you might find more information on the cervical cancer board as I believe cervical ca survivors experience more issues with ureter obstruction than we do with uterine cancer. You don't want the obstruction to advance to the point where a stent won't do the work. The alternative is a nephrostomy and I don't think they are any fun at all.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this issue. I do hope everything goes well and you have a wonderful time at your daughter's upcoming wedding!




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Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

Hard to believe we all, and i thank God and you all from the bottom of my hesrt, made it to my third anniversary. Three years since dX of Stage ivB grade III adenocarcinoma mixed cell and clear, an-all removed. Two surgeries for recurrences, for round carbo taxol and carbo doxil once Gemzar. Four rounds radiation and now they found scarring that is acting on ureter and may require ureter stent to save rt kidney?


but wait!,,

urulogist did ultra sound after PET, MRI AND blood creatinine and lo and behold , he said dont rush to stent, wait and see for another month till next ultra sound. Yippee.

that should get me to have really bad cataract fixed on only seeing eye! AND get to sons wedding Statesside,Landed yesterday cause I was going to be here for wedding upstanding or prone ,but here!

so prayers to all keep on being pushy annoying patients, docs wouldn't do less for their families!

and if they would, we should adopt poor 'shoemakers kids who go shoeless'!

keep the powder dry to fight on, I'm going to the beach!

With awe and respect for all the Warriorettes.


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Thankfully you've got some good news!!!  Don't second guess, just ride it out and smile and think happy thoughts.  

Have you had cataract surrgery before?  I just took our 2 moms for this surgery a few years ago and they were quite easy.  More about after surgery procedures, such as putting drops in eye each day and not doing lots of ups/downs with body to affect pressure on the eye.  Peace of cake!!

Wedding...such good news and now at the beach...gee!  You've got it good my friend and do kick back and relax while dipping your feet in the beach sand.  I'm jealous as we generally have one beach trip in the summer, but not work for our schedules this year.  



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Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

Trying to breathe, take your advice and catch up with myself. Thank you all again,

have a great weekend,


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