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Suprise!!!! Update!!! It's ME!!!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Hey Everybody! Just want to let you know I'm still hanging around.  Gonna bug you as long as I can!  Yes, as is the common rumor, I am on oxygen and tired.  I've received the beautiful quilt and just love it!  Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and work that went into it!  A very beautiful, personal, loving gift and it means so much to me.  I spend hours sitting and looking at it, enjoying it on my lap.  And yes, it was cold enough for a while.  You all mean so much to me, I can't thank you enough. 

Here's the update on me:  The transition to hospice went very smoothly.  I have a nurse and a bathing aide; I see them 4 times per week.  Both very nice women and good at their jobs.  They've brought me all kinds of equipment - a walker, wheelchair, portable oxy tank, a blah blah blah and MORE blah blah blah.  I think that's more blah than a girl needs, frankly.  I've lost way too much weight (according to my husband and Lisa My Scribe), way WAY too much.  Like Cheryl, my pants are falling off; and I'm wearing the clothes of a 13 year old girl. 


I do hope everything is going very well for all of you.  And I will take a few minutes to read and catch up.  In the future, from time to time, my good friend Lisa will be typing for me so no-one freaks out, wondering where I am.  Love you guys, couldn't get thru this without you.



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Oh Linda, I wish you well with Hospice.  I am certain that they will take very good care of you.  I wish that I had some words of wisdom, but I don't.  So very glad you posted, we all wondered what had happen to you.  Suzanne had seen you, so we kind of knew.

Wishing you the best in this part of the journey,



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My prayers and kind thoughts are with you. 


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as you walk this path. 

I'm keeping you and your family close to my heart.



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You are an inspiration. I don't come on daily but it sure was good to see your post. Prayers surround you and your family.



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Linda, I hardly know what to say. You have always had such an upbeat attitude about things. You "finished" treatment. Went back to work. Even got a promotion. Now all of this. My heart goes out to you and your family. Your scribe, Lisa, is doing a wonderful thing by helping us keep in touch with you. Please thank her for me.


New Flower
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Dear Linda,

 Thank you for giving us your update. You are the person I am always looking and measing up to. you give us wisdom showing grace how to conduct and handle difficult situations with humor and class. thank you. I am glad that you are surrounded by loving people and good medical professionals. I still hope and pray for miracle for you.

Keeping you and family close to my heart.



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I am really sorry you have to deal with so much. And you seem so strong and positive. Sending you a lot of positive vibes and big hugs.


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I don't come on much anymore,but i came last week to ask about everybody that i knew and i wanted to hear form you,I'm at a lost for words right now but just know I'm praying for you, I don't take everyones advice on here ,but i have a few that i really love to hear from when i need to know something and you my friend are one of them and to come on and see this has just put me in a cloud right now ,i wish i could just sit with you,I want you to know how much your  words meant to me when i was going threw and i wish i had a word of comfort right now but prayer can go farther than anything i could possiably say or do. and Lisa is God sent.I don't know the whole story but i do know what hopice is and I want you to know God will see you threw anything i  mean anything. How are your children Linda and your husband ,~~MollyZ~~

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My prayers are with you as well as my thoughts. Thanks for thinking of us, as we have been thinking about you. Like many, I feel like you were with me on my journey with words of encouragement and love. Your words and your humor make each day brighter when you need to lift yourself up. Linda, my heart will hold you near and close.



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I just saw your lovely face on your expressions page and Abby's essay.  It touched my heart, and she nailed it, huh?  Thanks so much for posting to us.  Everyone has missed you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Hugs, Linda 

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Christmas Girl
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The wonderful folks here have missed you. As I have, too.

With all that's happening - still, your upbeat sense of humor shines through your words. You are amazing, Linda. We will always be here for you.

Sending hopeful thoughts & prayers for comfort & peace.

Kind regards, Susan


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I wanted to send continued prayers and good thoughts your way. 





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I am glad that you transitioned so well to hospice. Not a whole lot that can be said other than you will be on my prayers. Enjoy everything you possibly can. Amazing how much some of the smallest things mean now.
Prayers to you and your family, and always hugs,

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I don't frequent this site as much as I used to.  But I was compelled to visit today.  I am glad I did.  Linda, my dear, you are so strong, witty, sweet, inspirational, kind, cute as a button, positive ... there are so many more acronyms to describe you more.  

My heart aches as I read about the newest road you are traveling.  I pray that you are being taken very care of and that God sends some of our pink angels to guide you.

Thank you for the update.  I wish I knew what else to say.  I just want you to know that I am here cheering for you along with our other pink sisters.



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I don't have the words .. my heart is broken.  You have enriched my life, my world.

I pray for strength, wisdom and peace in the coming weeks.  Your wonderful husband, Gabe and Abby will continue to be on my heart and in my prayers.

You are one of the strongest women, I've ever had the pleasure of being friends with.


Vicki Sam

Posts: 402
Joined: Nov 2010

When I first came to this site, I valued your posts so much and felt a kinship as I am also TN. I haven't been on this board much in the last few months, but was driven to check in today. I wish you a peaceful journey--you are a true warrior.



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Your grace has inspired us all.  I'm glad that you are comfortable and doing well in hospice.  I'm sure you will continue to tackle this situation with your usual upbeat attitude and personality.  Stay strong.  All the best to you and your family.


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Linda, I was so very thrilled to see your post.  It breaks my heart to read all of what you are going through, but, I have to say this, you are the most courageous and inspiring woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Your grace under fire helps us all with our battles against this expletive deleted disease.  I love you too! Gentle (((hugs))) and prayers.

Lynn Smith
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Good to hear from you. You can bug us all you want. We want to know how you're doing and wan to keep up with you. I've lost some weight and once I do I can never get it back.I get comments and it hurts but I move on.Just get in some moods I'm not hungry and get busy and slow down on eating.

I know it's rough now but I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best.I like others believe in Miracles.I can't tell how many times I've prayed to get better, to live and just for life to be a little easier. My prayers are answered. So my prayers will be for you.

Again Thoughts,Prayers  and Miracles coming your way.

Lynn Smith

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Linda, I too am one of those who only check in and post ever few weeks but when I saw your name I had to read your post. What an amazing woman you are, and have been from the first time you came to this site. We all are so blessed to know you and you set a wonderful example for the rest of us. Your upbeat attitude and courage will keep you going on this part of your journey. We are inspired by you and love you as a sister. You are in our prayers and yes, I  too believe in miracles. Have your wonderful scribe keep posting for you. Love, Sunrae

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Linda I have been trying for like 2 weeks to get on this site, I am so happy to see your post. I am sending big hugs to you~wrap yourself in that special quilt and feel the love of all those who are thinking of you, and praying for you.


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your bravery and grace always blew me away. Not to mention your wise, wise words. I always

looked forward to reading your posts. They were inspiring and thought provoking. And painful

at times. I never forget the image of your precious daughter with your radiation mask. What an

amazing mother they have to look up to. You set the bar very high for us, getting a promotion 

and all, during chemo (:

But that is nothing, compared to fight you have in you. You have my utmost admiration and

love. Sending you huge comforting hugs Linda.



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Bella Luna
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Linda... thank you for letting us know how you are doing.  I am glad to hear the hospice nurses are kind and are being good to you.  Big hugs and much love to you and yours.





Posts: 382
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Great to hear from you Linda.  You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs to you,


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Hi Linda,

It has been forever since I have been on this site.  You were one of the first ones to welcome me with kindness and concern, so now I would like to pay that forward to you. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I am in awe of your strength.



Posts: 601
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I have to be honest I'm had a hard time reading your posting.  I hope hospice takes good care of you.  I was saddened to hear you were not doing well and want to tell you how much I enjoy your posts.  You are an inspiration to me and you have one great sense of humor.  I am sending you hugs and prayers.  I have not been on in a while and am glad to catch up on you and your journey.  I think of you often, you are one special lady.

Love, Terry


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I'm thinking of you and would love to hear from you,~~MollyZ~~

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Jean 0609
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Sorry I am late in posting.  Sending a big cyber hug.  Glad that you loved the quilt from your kindred spirits.  A lot of love was put into it and hope it is comforting to you.





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I haven't been on much myself, but the last few days, I've decided to check in.  Your incredible spirit shines on even with your recent difficulties.  I have a handful of Kindreds that I keep in my daily prayers, and you are one of them.  Your posts have helped me so much--when I've had personal difficulties and questions, and your kind, inciteful advice to others.  One of the things that always shined through for me about you was your sweet, gentle spirit.


I wish you the best as you continue on this journey.  I wish you peace, comfort, love and the knowledge that you have helped so many people on this board--including me.

Take good care and try to keep us posted.

Love and hugs, Renee


VickiSam's picture
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Our precious Sister in Pink  -  We are thinking, and praying for you, and your family.  Hoping you are not in too much pain. I pray that our Lord has comforted you, and provided a Peace of mind, heart and soul.

Our hearts, love and admiration go out to you - 

Gentle hugs dear one,

Vicki Sam

CypressCynthia's picture
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Linda, sending gentle hugs and lots of prayers for you and your family.  Surrounding you with love, peace and comfort.

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