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Turning 70 and Kidney Cancer

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I turn 70 this month, I am an 11 year survivor of RCC and I have nearly 1000 posts.

Here are a few of my thoughts about the past, present and future.

1. 70 years from now Stages 2, 3 and 4 of Kidney Cancer will be eliminated by advanced and regular scanning procedures.

2. 70 years from now all Stage 1 tumors will be removed by procedures rather than surgery.

3. 70 years from now Robtic surgery will be done by robots.

4. The 18 year old girl I met at the beach (Icewomen) will be 70 next year.

5. At least 4 beautiful teenage girls now call me PAPA.

6. I have gained 70 pounds since I got married. I do not know how many of those I can attribute to the birth of my 2 children.

7. 50 year old women look a hell of a lot better than 50 year old women looked 50 years ago.

8. 25% of my peers have already checked out.

9. Another third of my peers are scheduled to check out in the next 10 years.

10. I see 7 times as many different types of doctors as I saw before I had RCC.

11. I can no longer carry a pack or Canoe over the infamous Dickson to Bonfield Portage as I did in 1959 and 1962 and which should be on everybody's bucket list.

12. I am a member of the Meanest Link which was started in 2004 although my attempt at one of the Meanest Links was done in 1962.

13. I have no plans to check out until each of my 5 grandchildren, ages 12-17 has married.

14. I may or may not be able to catch up with Faye across the street who at 82 is an 18 year survivor of RCC.










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Got there ahead of you (on both scores) iceman.

I take pleasure in being the first to congratulate you, in advance, for reaching your 3 score years and 10.  How soon is your Birthday?  You should be able to hit the thousand posts by then?

Your reflections are great fun.  I have the same experience as you re no. 7 but it applies to 60 year olds as well! I must ask whether icewoman has 4 daughters.  If so, what does she make of your wording of 5?!

I'll have to investigate Meanest Link - it sounds like another big achievement.

I've now outlived my Parents by a few years - they both died in the 1960s but I have no chance of living anywhere near as long as any of my Grandparents, whose average lifespan was 82!   I hope Faye lives many more years but that you surpass her.   Around 52 years together with icewoman is great and I bet you don't regret a single moment of it.

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Thanks for your encouraging comments.

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Nanner, nanner, hah, hah.  I beat you to 70, but still want to beat you in survival years.

Way to go, Iceman.


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Donna, I hope you both live forever - your contributions here (yours and iceman's) go back a long way further than mine and they will endure in the memories of many of the rest of us, eternally grateful for your generous wisdom and support on this forum.

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I may not make it 8 1/2 more years like you guys, but if I do, I'll probably have more scars and missing body parts. Oh to dream.....Then again, I'm not in any hurry.

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Iceman- thank you for all you've given all of us in your years on the Board. I can't believe when you add the years of Ice, Tex, Fox, and Donna, you have close to three centuries of wisdom available for utilization by members of the Board. What a gift it was to find this place.


Iceman, your insight list  is awesome.  The only point I'd expand on your list is #13. I have no plans to check out until each of my great  grandchildren gets  married!


Again - congratulations and thank you.

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Iceman, it is a pleasure to hear you say that  50 year olds are looking better these days, especially since I am now 51.. gosh that went FAST!  You will make it past Faye, don't even think otherwise!  

I am also betting that Fox and TW will have a long run as well!


When i first found out that mom had RCC last February of 2012 I was so, so upset.  The surgeon told me she wouldn't last long and was on borrowed time.  Since that time my friends father unexpectedly died from sepsis due to a uti, the doctor where we get our homeopathics from lost his mom to a sudden heart attack last month, and my friend lost her mom 63 to a rare cancer within three months from diagnosis two weeks ago.  I am going to say that we never know what can happen, it can happen that you all live a very long life and tomorrow i may drown from a hurricane or what have you!  So, let's keep the faith!  We don't know what tomorrow will bring, it can bring just what we need!  All of you are heros in my book and very encouraging. Keep up the good work and keep on fighting.  Because I am certainly not going to let you give in to negative thoughts!

Big hugs to you all and enjoy the sunshine.... it is good for the body! ;)  Go out and golf, row, bike or whatever it is that you enjoy.


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And happy b-day Iceman.


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happy birthday and many more..

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Joined: Jan 2010

When my wife married me she married into a family that went back at least 50 years in the retail ice business. Hence I have always been known as Iceman and I will always be an iceman too.

She has however put her foot down on Icewoman. Once is a joke. For the future I shall refer to her as Susann, Susie or my better half.In reality she is sort of the opposite of an icewoman.




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I didn't think there could be two in Michigan, that would be too much of a coincidenceWink

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Joined: Jan 2013

If I may be so bold, as I am old... Ice Guy.. now you need to learn this song (if you don't know it already..).   Only thing, we do different drugs than they did back when this song was new...


(running for cover now...)

Ron Cool

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Joined: Nov 2011

Yeah!  and back then it was CCR but now it's RCC!

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Posts: 1304
Joined: Jan 2013

He's Back..!!!   :) (and he caught my hidden meaning too.!!)


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Joined: Apr 2013

Happy birthday Iceman!!! Turning 70yrs, 11yrs post cancer, 1000 posts on cancer, that's pretty good going. 


Djinnie x

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To be able to add my good wishes Iceman!  Being lost in the outer limits was awful!

I wish you many many more!

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Happy belated BDAY!!!

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God bless you, Iceman.  Obviously, he has and will continue to do so.  Happy Birthday....and amny, many more!

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Happy Happy Birthday Iceman!

Thank you for being here for me! I just recently started posting and you were one of the first one's to tell me to calm down and take it one day at a time!  My last scan was in June 2013 (after having 1/3 of my right lung removed in March 2013), and my next is in October, and I am beleiving that I am one of the 20 percenters that will make it!  It was August of 2011 when I was first diagnosed with RCC, and I was 53.  I am now 55 and have all intentions of making it to 70 as you have!  Thanks for all you have done, and for all that you will do!!

Prayers and good health to you!


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Posts: 3354
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Thanks to each and every one of you for your kind words.

If you want to see what Icemantoo does in his spare time look me up on Tripadvisor where my screen name is Thorntree and where I am one of the Destination Experts for Algonquin Park, Ontario which is where the Meanest Link is located. Most of the travel questions under Algonquin Park on Tripadvisor are posed and answered by none other. I also have about 1000 forum post which deal with Puerto Rico.

Yes, I do have a life other than Kidney Cancer.  So if any of you have questions about Algonquin Park or Puerto Rico feel free to Private Message me here or on Tripadvisor.



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