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Scan Report......

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Hi Everyone, hope all had a nice holiday doing things that make you smile.

I met with my doctor to go over recent CT scan and Chest x-ray and all is seemingly well! There are a couple lesions on my liver unchanged and probably cysts to watch although it is noted that the liver is somewhat enlarged, (another possible SE of treatment), some degenerative bone areas, (made worse by my breast cancer meds but take what I can to help), the tissue thickening on the anus as well as affected nodes remain stable and unchanged. I feel the report read ok but did not really have the words NED. I am having a bone scan later this summer as there is some concern about sclerosis and bony thickening on my ribs. I am also seeing a new colorectal doctor at a bigger branch of the same clinic in August just for a consultation. (I am happy with my surgeon but he is general surgery and just have some questions I'd like to discuss with a specialist), also seeing a gynocologic oncologist (new) same reason. I love the medical team I have and don't plan to make permanent changes but may add to them if needed. I did get the feeling that since I'm doing well (I think) my doctors are more relaxed than I'd like on surveilance. Maybe its just me, and I pray for continued health, but I want to be prepared for whatever comes my way. I always feel better after seeing my PCP, she is wonderful and ties it all together, I will see her late August.

For the next month I have my 3yr old grandson (my daughter is away at military training), so between school and him should have no time to worry about verbage on the scans that I don't understand anyhow!

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I have tried several times to post a comment to you, but keep getting an error message.  I'll try again!

I think your scan results sound good, even though the report doesn't actually say NED.  I had a spot show up on my liver on several scans, but on my last scan it could not be seen.  It was thought to be a benign cyst.  I hope that yours turn out to be the same.  It sounds like you have a top-notch medical team who are monitoring you closely.  However, I understand your concern about the doctors loosening the apron strings a bit on the follow-ups.  Those follow-ups are our safety net and give us peace of mind.

I hope you and your grandson have a great time together.  He will be a great distraction for you and your concerns.

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I have had some trouble connecting here also??????? I am fairly pleased with my results and think if for some reason I had been scanned 10 years ago it most likely would have shown some "freckles" also. Between the two cancers I am just always a little too aware of the chance for mets to things like bones, liver, etc. I usually relax on worry shortly after going over the results until next time.

I am actually leaving shortly to take my grandson to the splash pad!!!! Wisconsin finally got the memo that it was summer.

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It does sound like your doctors are ion top of things. I am glad you have a good PCP!

Have a wonderful time with your grandson! Three is a magical age! Ou are blessed. You are an inspiration, going to school on top of everything else you ahve to do.

I am keeping you in my prayers that your stay healthy! God bless you!

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