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Scanxiety today

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Well, I'm sitting in the radiology area drinking my two CT "cocktails".  Of course a little later I'll get my "tequila shot" that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy before I hear the machine say "hold your breath"......"breathe" :). 

I wanted to post last night but been having problems getting on the site lately.  Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and keep those positive thoughts flowing!

Hugs - Jim

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Hey Jim,

  Had a rough time getting on the site myself all weekend. I did get on a couple of times but response would not post. Wishing you luck. I am sure you are getting your scan right about now. Thinking of you.  John 

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Max Former Hodg...
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Expecting all to be "negative" for you, Jim Bo !  Ever ponder how, in medicine, the greatest news in the world is dubbed "Negative ?"


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Yes Jim, we are anxious to hear.  Know it is routine but still very stressful.  It's funny, when Bill gets his, we get his results right away but I won't let us open it.  It's like if it's bad news, I want to stay in bliss until the last minute, so we always wait for the doc.  I know, it's silly.  BTW, he got his report 2 wks ago and no evidence of lymphoma.  His doctor was very encouraging and genuinely excited.  He basically said that with the bendamustine and Bill's incredible turn around he doesn't  think we need to worry too much.  He said benda has proved to be so beneficial that it is now being used for a lot of lymphomas.  So we feel like we can at least breathe easier.  The only problem I have been having on the site is waiting for it to load, but lately it doesn't seem that bad.  I have the page with the list of the posts in my bookmarks so I just click on that.  If it is loading slow, it usually works to stop it and click again.  Again Jim, we sure hope it is good news. Becky

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