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surviving and thriving - posted more pictures

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it's been a while since I posted here. Mainly because I am fostering 2 shitzus and their 5 puppies

that I was able to raise from when they were born. They are all grown up now and the first one has

already left the nest. It is a lot of work but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. 


For those of you who know me and know my story I really missed you and never stop worrying about

you. The bonds we make on this board are very special, We held each other's hands during some of

our darkest hours and through triumphs, where you only could understand and relate. I wanted to shout

out to my amazing ladies who were there for me and encourage all those that are in the middle of this

cander whirl wind to keep fighting for their lives. 


4 years later, I am starting to feel very comfortable again in my own akin and WHAT a feeling that

is. It took some getting used to and a wardrobe overhaul after I had my implants removed. Now I

am looking good, even with my flat chest and feeling better by the day. 


But I never stop thinking of you, and wonder how you are. I may not post here as much any more

but that does not translate in me not thinking of you. I am so grateful for everything you ladies have

done for me and I love and cherish the wisdom you have shared with me. I have a new lease on live

and I am taking a piece of each one with me through out it all. 


I am posting some pictures of the rascals that kept me away, try and be mad at them lol...

Go ahea, I challenge... they are so stinking cute... it is impossible. You can see them on my

expressions site


I lvoe you all and hope you will drop me a line and let me know how all is going in your corner

of the world. 


Big hugs,



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It is always nice Ayse to read your stories.  I think you puppies are adorable.



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Good to hear from you! I'm sooo glad you're doing good. I can't believe time has passed so quickly. I'm gonna check out those cuties now. Take care...praying for you and all of us!



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I am so happy for you. I can feel the difference in you, and it is all good. Always remember, you have done so much for all of us who travelled ths journey wih you!

Hugs and continued happiness,

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So wonderful to hear from you - Surviving and Thriving .. Now that is music to my ears.  Sounds like all your dreams are coming true.  I adore your attitude, and zest for life.

Continued health, Love and Happiness for you dear Ayse.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam




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It's so good to see your post! I know that you are doing great and getting on with stuff, like life and puppies. They are adorable. I know you are a wonderful kitty mom - how do the cats and dogs get along?


can you come to Hershey? I so want to meet you  (in person)! Please try



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Good to see your post Ayse!
I always remember your love story.

I am happy you are fostering puppies! That's very sweet of you. I am an animal lover. I know this must keep you very busy. Can't wait to look at the pics.

Keep going and don't look back! We will always be here to support each other.


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I missed you all very much. And I have tears, just reading your posts. I am totally

overwhelmed with all the memories pouring over me. Wow, what a ride hunh? But

we are still here to tell the tale. 

The puppies have been such therapy for me. It was so nice to do something you

truly enjoy. Every free moment is devoted to them. Poor Freddy. But they turned

out great, so loving, obedient and at 9 weeks already potty trained, they go in the

back yard. 

It looks like, you ladies are never gonna get rid of me, lol. I care too much and

can't seem to stay away. It is almost 1 am here and I stole a moment to come

talk to my Laaaayddies (:


Good night,


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