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Hi Everyone,

Reading these posts it saddens me that a few of our veteran members are going through some rough times. So I ask everbody to pray for those that are hurting.

At the same time I'm happy to report that I reached the half way point of my radiation and Xeloda treatment. Thanks God I'm doing really well. Despite of feeling pretty tired I'm still able to work full time, I just take a lot of naps. In the middle of July I'll quit my part time job that requires 1 and 1/2 hour commute one way, so that's gonna be a great relief.

I have basically no side effects sofar with the 3000mg/day Xeloda at all.

As far as the radiation the only thing I have sofar is some itchy redness between the butt cheeks which Desitin seems to handle fine.

I have pretty regular bowel movements and it doest hurt that much.

My teenage daughter seems to pay a little more attention to me, because sofar I had to make major effort to maintain a minimal relationship with her.

My amazing wife takes care of me so well. I may have to cut ties with one of my best guy friends, because he totally ignores my new situation and still dumps all his problems onto me and at this point I don't need more problems.

I wish everyone nothing but good days and strength to handle the bad ones if they pop up.


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That is great news and so glad you are doing well with your treatments.  Stay strong and thanks for sharing. 


ps- sometimes we have to do what is best for US and put the negativity behind us- friends and family included.  We can still love and pray for them from afar.  Keep smiling!

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So glad that you are doing good with your treatments.  It really helps when you can go through this situation and still maintain some stability and normal activity when you have or are going through so many things.  I'm glad too that you can still make it to work and work around all your situation and activity - that is a positive thing.  Glad you have such a supportive family which helps big time.  Glad that you are so involved in this board for as recently as you have joined.  You have a lot of positive energy and that is a good thing to bring.  Wishing you the best for your treatments and just remember that the radiation burns get worse before they get better.  Half way is the easy part, it's the other half that gets bad.  You can do it though, and post still how you are feeling as a lot can give you our remedies :)


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Posts: 1240
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Sometimes I feel guilty to post that I'm doing good sofar, but unfortunatelly there are so many other people here that are suffering so I try to fill the balance in case someone new comes along, to show that it is not all bad.

I realize that the hard times are ahead of me and I'm very frightened about how the surgery and the follow up chemo is going to change things. But that's not until October so why worry yet.

I just want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all of you, since without you a lot of things would have been left in the dark for me, which I believe is the worst thing for a cancer patient.

Thank You All! 


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Please keep posting how well you are doing. It gives us all, regardless of how "good or bad" we are doing, hope!!!

:) Judy

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The xeloda pills are are being handled well by you, they will also be part of my treatment.

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to show my real face so I posted a picture of me and my daughter.

I have 6 more days left of radiation and Xeloda. Still doing fine beside tiredness and a sore butt, but it is absolutelly acceptable.

My oncologist wants to do some Folfox treatment before the surgery saying that it would be silly to do nothing for 8 weeks and this way I would have to do less chemo after. Sounds good to me if its ok with the surgeon. I saw 3 surgeons already but haven't made up my mind which one I trust the most. Most likely Ill go with Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles.

I'm the most frightened about the surgery and the condition is gonna leave me in. Not worried about the colostomy so much but needing a plastic surgery, taking my abdominal muscle to fill up the rectal space. Well, that's about 2 months away, I'll worry then.

Im excited about my sister coming from Europe to stay with us for a few months. She is in wheelchair but very independent and she will be a great support. My brother will be back by then too so with my wife I will have a good supportive team.

That's all for now and I wish everyone very happy and productive days of healing, coping or staying healthy.


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