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GreenD ~ Another Fallen Warrior..

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I have been trying to get a hold of GreenD (Denny Green) on here, and through emails for awhile... I had messaged him a few times on FaceBook...

But you know how it is, you get busy, time passes and you forget.


This afternoon I decided to dig a little deeper, looking down his pages, and noticed on his wifes page that Denny passed away January 5th of this year...

Denny was a special guy.... He served many years in the Air Force and retired a Major..

I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife on a trip of theirs to Floirda... My wife and I met them at the beach for lunch with his wife... Denny was one of those unfortunates that was on a feeding tube for life after treatment...

He was one heck of a guy, and I'm glad I got to meet him and have a beer together.

Thoughts and prayers to his family...



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always so sad 2 hear.  will keep his family n prayers.


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I always loved his sense of humor....he rarely posted anything that didn't elicit a smile from me. 

Was it pneumonia that took him?  He had so many bouts with it in the time I have been on the board.

Rest in peace, Denny....prayers being said for his family.


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Thanks for sharing; I was afraid of something like this when I lost contact with him. My wife and I had learned so much from Him about being on a PEG tube and never giving-up. As you said he was a special guy and we are at a lost with out him



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D Lewis
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We are all diminished by his loss. My condolences to his wife and family.


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Ingrid K
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Thanks for checking up on Denny.....sorry to hear the sad news.

He was a great inspiration to many of us.  I loved to hear his stories about what he tried (and succeeded) to put thru his PEG.

It alway awful to hear of another warrior losing the battle. 

My heart hurts a little today.



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Yep, everytime we lose one, I lose a piece of me as well....

Denny was a character, and had some of the more exotic side effects on here that I remember....

One being Black Hairy Tongue...., LOL... I had never even heard of that before...


And if I remember, seems I recall something about trying wine through his PEG...


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Sorry to hear.  Thanks for informing.  Is this the guy from Alabama ??

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Joined: Sep 2009

Yep... Plus they had a place in Mexico I believe they were selling...

I remember something about a dog and it having six pups, but they could only bring back four and someone else finally brought the others back..., LOL...

Something, I forget....

they were both great people and my wife and I enjoyed meeting them and having lunch.


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Denny answered my questions about “Black Hairy Tongue” on my first post.  I forgot all about it until you said that.  I have crossed (cyber) paths with some really special people.  I hope to cross real paths someday.


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Thoughts and Prayers for the Major and his family.

Rest in Peace Sir, Slow Hand Salute......

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I didn't get to know Denny, but RIP.  Always hate hearing this type of news.

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I enjoyed readings his posts, always on point and ready to help! RIP

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May he rest in peace and thoghts and blessing to his family.



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Thanks for the update John. Prayers headed out to the family. I really did not chat with him on a regular basis, but do remember him around the same time I came aboard. Man time flies by, it is 3 years already.


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Sorry to hear this. Very sad to lose one of our warriors. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family


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There are always a few people that I looked forward to reading their posts – GreenD was definitely one of those.  Positive thoughts being sent to his family.  RIP






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So sorry to hear.  Prayers for his family.  Ann

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