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The last few days I've been feeling a little bad, lots of diarrhea, tired all the time, don't want to go to work, and so on.  I was starting to think I'm entitled to a bad day or two sometimes. Since I finally complained to my doc about it, he says, "You think maybe it's because you've been on chemo for 4 1/2 years"?  Like duh, Dan.

Today I thought about entitlement. The only thing tangible I'm entitled to is the Social Security I've been paying since I was 16 and now at 61 I may never see that.  My wife won't get it when I'm dead. Now I'm just mad about SS.  I read about and see a whole lot of people who are worse off than I am. I feel much better now. I'm entitled to what I make of myself and how I handle the situations I find myself in. I'll probably come to a point some day that it will be poor, poor pitiful me, but until then I want to live. I'll die when I get good and ready to. I have obligated myself to make this as easy on my wife as I possibly can. So that means suck it up, Dan and get back on a road that leads to NED.  

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You know, it's funny, but Craig & I had this discussion a while back about "deserving" a break what with all the krap we had going on in our lives. I think, in each of us there is a little part that feels "I have been a good person, why can't I get a break". I think we concluded that the bottom line is, none of us "deserved" our bad situation, just as we don't "deserve" a break. We just have to make the best of it, as you are and fight with every weapon we have available.

Don't worry another minute about the "pity party". I think we do "deserve" that one every once in a while.  LOL



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“My wife won't get it when I'm dead. Now I'm just mad about SS”




Your wife is entitled to your SS just as much as you are. I took my SS early, so my wife could collect from my account. When I die, she’ll continue to get benefits from my account, even though she’s never worked any substantial amount to get her own benefits.


Social Security in the USA was never intended to provide a “retirement income”, it was only to provide supplemental income. Unfortunately, most of us (me included) realized too late that whatever we planned for was not nearly enough….. so Social Security is about all we’ll ever be able to get by with.


A Nation this big, with a tax structure this large should not be denying anyone a decent chance at survival. The notion that an “entitlement” is a “bad thing”, is nonsense. You pay taxes and you –are- entitled to something in return. The idea that politicians can have a great salary, a great retirement, and a great health plan that lasts long after their retirement, while the public suffers with denials of the same provisions, is a disgrace.


Those that denounce any “entitlement program” are speaking with total prejudice of what should be a natural and normally provided service. You pay taxes, and you get something back for your money; it’s the way it should be.


To your topic? Your wife should receive your benefits just as you should. If you’re being told that won’t happen, hire an attorney to get things straight. Do not fall “through the cracks”; you deserve the payback!


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I hope you realize that I was talking "life in general", certainly not SS. For those of us that worked our a$$ off in the good ol' USA, I definitely think we or our survivors have an "entitlement" coming.

Just a thought. Maybe Dan is thinking he might not make to the "golden" age. I don't know the answer to this one. If a person passes before that time, will the spouse still get the benefits?

Luv Ya,


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Thanks for the comments.  Guess I was having one of those days. Yes, you are right we are entitled to the programs we have paid taxes and contributed to.  However there is so much abuse of many of these entitlment programs that it hurts the rest of us who deserve them.  My wife has worked many years as an RN and will have her own SS benefits.  She will get whichever is higher mine or hers.  I just think she should be entitled to mine also since it is mine to begin with and I should be able to pass it on to her.  Our government has borrowed from the SS and continue to bury our country in debt that most think we will never be able to repay.  If any of you have any good ideas about a safe haven that will continue to grow even at a small return for our small 4O1B & 4O1K investments, please reply.

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