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Something Silly to share

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I just wanted to share with everyone something very silly. I just came back from the grocery store, and while there I meet Charlotte Gerson. She was so sweet to talk to me for a little short period of time. She told me that the best anticancer vegetable, though expensive, was asparagus. She also mentioned the importance of doing coffee enemas. So, I am ordering her book and educate myself on the enemas and get started!


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Wow, that was great!! Stay healthy everyone. How did you recognize her and how old is she?  I should get the book also.

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She looks exactly as in her book. She pulled me on the side to ask me if I knew her age, and she said 92!

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Sara Zipora
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Let the buyer beware!

i'm happy she is alive and well, she is another proof of genetic longevity and poo on Hitler and the Nazi's that chased her eminent father and her from their birth places and God Bless America -so close to its birthday -for being a haven to so many!

I looked up google on her books and her father's  Dr. Max Gershon, diet.

Let the buyer beware, see below and make your own minds up.


Be well,


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