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Update on Dad (dudley22)

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I have not been posting in a while but I have been reading everyone's updates. I am so grateful I have found this site where everyone is so supportive. 

I wanted to update on Dad's treatment plan.  He completed 5 rounds of chemo (paxil and cisplatin) and 27 radiation treatments.  He handled it like a champ!  He has some nausea and fatigue but continued to have a great appitite and actually gained a few pounds!! 

After treatment there was some confusion as we tried to decide if the VA was going to continue his treatment or if we needed to go elsewhere but in the end my amazing sister's persistence and "bill dog" personality allowed us to get the VA to do exactly what we wanted! 

Dad meets with his new oncologist on the 9th to discuss the entire treatment plan after surgery.  PET scan, PFT's, labs and cardiac perfusion on the 10th and 11th and if all goes as planned he will have the Ivor-Lewis procedure on the 12th. 

I have a question about how many surgeons generally do this procedure. The surgeon, Dr. Hoang is a Stanford thoracic surgeon who works with the VA.  His resume is impressive but when asked how many esophagectomies he has compleded his answer of "more than 100, less than a thousand" I found a bit elusive.  He also intends to do the surgery alone.  Others have had a general sugeon do the abdominal portion and the thoracic surgeon do the thoracic portion.  How many of you had one versus two surgeons?

It is frustrating that we have not had a scan and will not have one until two days before the surgery.  We are all staying very positive that the chemo and radiation worked and the tumor has gotten smaller.  In the last week or two, however he has had the sensation of food getting stuck return.  Did anyone else get this sensatoin after chemo/radiation and before surgery.  Again, we are trying to remain positve but there is always concern in the back of the mind. 

I will try to update as the next few weeks progress and will likely have many questions or calls for support over the next few weeks. 




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It seems a bit odd to have one surgeon do all the surgery. Typically (as you stated in your post) a general surgeon does the abdominal portion and a thoracic surgeon does the esophagectomy and gastric resection. In my case I had an Ivor Lewis and I had several surgeons. My surgery was done at Medical University of South Carolina. The thoracic surgeon that did my surgery specialized in esophageal cancer. She was assisted by other surgeons. I remember the operating room was set up with three stations for the surgery. I never saw so many surgical instruments in my life. Remember; a typical Ivor Lewis surgery is 7 to 8 hours, so it would take a lot of stamina for one surgeon to do all the work.

 If I were you I would look up your Dad’s surgeon and see if he has any significant background in this area. I took the liberty of looking him up in Vitals and Healthgrades and I see no specific background in esophageal cancer. Here is what I found in Vitals: http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Chuong_Hoang.html


 If I were you I would be asking for questions.


 Best Regards,

Paul Adams

Grand Blanc, Michigan

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