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Stage IV Colorectal Cancer

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At only 30 yrs old, my husband was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer on March 1st of this year.  He is on Folfox with Avastin and he is just about to finish his 9th cycle.  He tolerates his treatments very well. His last 2 CT scans have shown improvement in his liver mets. He will be getting a PET scan next week. 

Im happy that there is a place where I can share my story and get support for this nightmare that we are going through. We are taking things one day at a time and always staying positive!  He will beat this :-)

God Bless 

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I am so sad to hear that your husband, at such a young age, has been diagnosed at stage 4.  

I am going to be on a mission when I am fully recovered, to see how we can lower the recommendation to get a colonoscopy down from the age of 50, to at least 40.  I doubt anyone would think of having one below 40, but there are many people diagnosed under that age. 

I think we should all be on a mission to talk to people about bowel, colon, rectal, anal and colorecta cancers.  We are all so wary about talking about intimate part of our bodies, that many signs and symptoms go un-noticed.

You have found the right place for informaion and support.  Your husband and yoursef are now part of our community, be sure to keep us updated.


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So sorry that life has led you to this site.  I am relatively new here but can tell you that this is a wonderful place for information, support, and hugs when you need them. 

Please do not hesitate to ask questions as there are many people that can help and will.  And please keep us posted since you both are now in my thoughts and prayers!


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I'm sorry you and your husband have to join us, but hope we can provide some support as you go on this journey.  It's a hard one, there's no way around it, but doing it together does lighten the load a little bit.  Glad he's getting through treatments fairly well and showing a response to the chemo...that's great news!  Pls. keep us posted on how you're both doing.

Sending some strength your way~Ann Alexandria

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Sorry to hear that about your husband. My name is Laz, I'm a 48 year old male with Stage 3 rectal cancer.

Glad you found this forum since it helped me so much with tips and mental support.

Would be great if your husband got on the forum. I don't have to tell you that men are stubborn, get isolated with their problem. I found that the more people I share my problems with the bigger my world gets and it is not just limited to my cancer, but gets more normal.

So if you agree with me have him look up this site and participate.


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 I found that the more people I share my problems with the bigger my world gets and it is not just limited to my cancer, but gets more normal.

So very, very true.

We've got some extra lifetime knowledge, so lets share so that we can help others..

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Hi Laz

You are absolutely right when you say that men are stubborn!  

Fortunately he finds a way of release through his line of work. He is a nuclear medicine technologist and reaches out to patients by sharing his story. It helps him and I'm sure it helps his patients as well when they find out that he's going through this same nightmare.  He takes time to really open up and connect with people one on one that are also fighting this terrible sickness. 

We're very blessed to work in the field that we do ( Im a CT technologist) cause we are able to reach out to people and help them stay positive. 

Laz,  take care and keep on fighting! 

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It is sad that a person as young as your husband should go through this.  

It has been my experience that a positive attitude goes a long way in the treatment process and fighting the good fight.

He has an advantage that he is young and will hopefully have more energy to win the fight ahead.


Peace and comfort to the both of you.


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So sorry to hear at such a young age your husband being dx at stage 4.  I hope he is is in good health outside of this darn cancer. I was dx stage 4 June 2009 and been fighting colon-rectal with spreads to my liver. About 9 mago spread to lungs. I take every precious day at a time. My wonderful family and friends and prayers have meant so much. I pray the same will be there for him. Stay in touch.  Jeff

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My husband was in great health prior to his diagnosis. He is doing very well tolerating his chemo treatments, he just finished his 9th and is still able to work full time. I am a firm believer that good heath habits and mental wellness play a huge role in recovery.    

Im happy to hear you have friends and family for support! Kick it in high gear, keep your head up and keep on fighting!!


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Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers :-)

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Trubritt: I agree. My mom was diagnosed about ten years ago and got some of her colon cut out. A few years back, cancer came back (apparently not the same form) in her colon again. The doctor told her that I should get a colonoscopy by 30 ... I'm paranoid enough about my health that I may suggest one at 25.

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Welcome to the board. You work in a great field to help people. And that is you fantastic abou this board. When in need some one is available with advice. There are some very knowledgahere people here.

I hope your husband keeps on tolerating his chemo well and sees the expected results.


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Hi - I am so sad to read this about your husband.  My Mom received a similar diagnosis (she is 70) at about the same time.  She had surgery in mid-April and has completed 8 cycles following the FOLFOX6 regimen.  She is doing amazing and determined to complete all 12 sessions.  In your post you mentioned that your husband has had 2 CT scans and was scheduled for a PET scan.  We have had none since surgery.  I keep trolling chat forums and cancer sites trying to see if we should be pushing for scans now.  Her doctor has said that he doesn't see the need until 3 months after she stops chemo.  She had very small spots on her lungs - they weren't picked up by a CT scan, but by her PET scan.  Can you let me know what led your doctors to the decision to have the CT scans done during treatment.  I am wondering if it is because you are in the 'biz?'.


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