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Avastin confusion ...

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Has anyone here heard of using Avastin if currently NED? 

Is this not a drug to cut off blood supply to tumors and starve them to shrink? 

If one is NED what is the point of this drug being used?  Would it be just for prevent tumor growth? If that is the case wouldn't we all be on this drug?  I am very confused on this one. 

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your logic is accurate.  If you truly are NED, (with NO tumors are present - dead, sleeping or alive tumors) then if you read all the info on Avastin it kind of makes sense that you shouldn't need Avastin.

However, maybe there are other benefits that avastin has. Or maybe you still have tumors in there, that are not active.

If you're worried or concerned... call the doc or the nurse asap and ask.

if you don't like the answer, ask again... and ask until you get a good answer.


don't be affraid to be your own advocate.   

Good luck to you.


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I recently noticed Folfirinox on my appt itinerary.  I am also considered NED at this time and am on FOLFOX so was confused with the addition of another chemo drug.  I called my onc and it was an error in the appt scheduling office.  I would definitely do some research.


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Avastin is not a preventative treatment drug....it is used in conjuction with Oxy or Irinotecan....and with 5fu or Xeloda...can be used by itself, but not as effective. 

It is more for a solid tumor mass and not free ranging radicals....it does cut off blood supply to the tumors....no tumor, what is the point?  You answered that one correctly.

Long term maintenance of anything allows our bodies to adapt to that chemistry and eventually the effects will be less and then stop altogether at some point.

Treatments are more effective as treatments - and not a lifestyle.  We get on them...get the benefit...and then get off them....if we have to revisit them, then we still have some of that effectiveness and responsiveness available. 

Prolonged use of Avastin can lead to congestive heart failure as well....I ended up with a heart tic after about 11-months of it.

You've answered your own questions:)

Anonymous user (not verified)

You must be paying for that stuff yourself because I really don't think any insurance plan would cover the cost of it during NED.  The non-negotiated price for mine was $7000 for 1/2 gm.   At insurance vs clinic negotiated prices of $3000 to $6000 or more a gram, that's some hi-dollar stuff.  Compare that to an ounce of gold (28gm).  I wish I had a little piece of the company making that stuff.

Posts: 509
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Thank you all.. this has helped.


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