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Happy 4th of July, dear friends.

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I know this is not perhaps the happiest of days for many of our members (and I think "family" when I say that, just so you know).  But I hope that everyone is going to enjoy the day to the best of their abilities (and for those of you in other countries, have a wonderful day just because!).

We are heading to my sister's lake cabin, which is by some strange and cosmic coincidence, right next door to a reservation.  We always buy a car-load of explosive crap, most of which is marginally legal on the res, and tremendously illegal everywhere else in the civilized world.

Hopefully, no digits will be removed via explosives.

The one good thing is everyone on the lake does the same thing, so the cops in the area just ignore it.  It's like being in the middle of 11 or 12 different fireworks shows by about 10 PM.

Anyone wlth any special plans today?

No matter what you might be doing, or the challenges you face, I wish you all "life, liberty and...happiness"!

Raising a sparkler for each and every one of you~AA

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Thank you, AA. It's a bittersweet holiday for me. Today is my daughter's 23rd birthday, and it's one of those occasions where you know exactly what you were doing 23 years ago at this time, never imagining 23 years later you'd be going thru this. But, by the grace of God, I thank Him that it is me and not her. And, I am overall feeling well, considering I had a colostomy reversal 17 days ago, and treatment, thus far, is going well. Enjoy your holiday!!!


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Thank you for the sweet wishes and hope you have a spectacular evening.   Today, we also celebrate a birthday other than the USA.  My son is 21 today.  We did most of the family partying over the weekend so he could spend the day on the lake with his friends.  They took him to a casino at midnight and drinks were on the house (oh dear).  I will have an early quiet dinner with my mom and then do a "drive by" on the fireworks over the lake show.  The mosquitoes are terrible here. 

thanks again and happy 4th to you!

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Thank you for your holiday wishes.Tomorrow is my youngest sons birthday,so he gets t celabrate for two days.I hope everyone has a great holiday.

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Enjoy your 4th and the entire weekend.

I'm celebrating by just spending time with my four kids (a few invited girlfriends and friends) and plan to hang at a small lake in Michigan for the 5th and 6th.  

then, traveling to Hocking Hills, Ohio for a 3 hour Zip Lining and Hiking tour.

Not bad, concidering I spent 7 days in the hopsital last week recoverying from dehydration and an infection in my mouth and throat from 5FU & Xgeva combination.  I have an extra week off chemo, and will restart the chemo intake on Wednesday.



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Iam happy you are having some quality time with family and friends.  Good Luck!

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Had a terrible 4th of July since I got chemo the day before.  But the good news is I only have one more treatment!  Yay!!!

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