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Papapauls news

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Hi All! just a quick note to share my good news! I had my first post tx PET scan yesterday and today met with my ROC. The report............No Evidence of Disease!!!!!!  Yep, after 15 weeks, I finally got to meet NED officially. ROC says everythings looks great and that the report was one of the best he could give. I won't have to see the ROC again for 3 months, I don't see my MOC until the end of August. The other highlight of the day (pales in comparison) is the PEG is finally gone. I had it removed this afternoon. I was glad to have it, when I needed it, however it had become a nusance lately. I hope this post is incouraging to those just starting their journys. Hang in there, follow Drs and nurses instructions, ask questions about everything you are not comfortable with or sure of. Stay hydrated, drink more than you think you need. I am praying that you all will soon meet NED as well!

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That's awesome news!!!

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What a way to end my day, a new member of the NED club.


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Congratulations, Papa!  There has been a lot of good news around here lately.  I am very happy for you.  Thanks for the upbeat update!



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We love to hear about NED's here...glad you shared it with us. I know precisely how happy getting the PEG removed had to make you....once you don't need it, it's a PITA.....I was pretty sure my Onc was going to leave mine in till I gained a lot of weight back....he didn't even care if I wasn't using it, he blackmailing me.....then I wore a pair of heavy Danner work boots in for a weigh in, and got permission for removal from the PA....They made me cheat to get the darn thing out....LOL.


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Congratulations Paul, and here's wishing you continuous NED reports from here out!  Time to celebrate!  Keep it movin forward!


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"It's a Boy" and "No evidence of the disease" are neck and neck as the best phrases I ever heard. Wait my Katie may someday read this so "I now pronounce you man and wife" has to be up there too. (That'll keep me out of the dog house)

Seriously, congradulations after going through what you did there are no sweeter words. I now pronounce you with a new life.



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That's great news! Praying it stays that way! 

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once dx w/cancer, that's what we live to hear.  CONGRATULATIONS!!


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jim and i
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So happy for you. Happy dance.


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That is just terriific news!  Thanks for sharing!

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