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ENT and radiation Onc visit

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Yesterday I had my appointment with the ENT at Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute. They first did the videostrobe of my throat, then the doctor came in and we went over it, everything looked great. He felt all around my neck and felt nothing, (the numbness has now gone) he said it has now been four years since treatment, and he will see me next July and if all is the same, he will consider mr cured and cut me loose. met with the Rad Onc last week and he said that to all extent and purpose he thinks it is now cured. So good news there. Denis

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Great news D...., cured, even better word than NED I believe...


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there IS a word better than NED.....it is cured....how wonderful is that?  We just have to wait a longer to get there.

Congrats Denis....on getting to the once a year ENT checkup.


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But more in the terms of bacon, LOL....radiation cured....

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Great news! Thanks for sharing that with us....especially for us fish that are just fresh into the waters..very encouraging news. 



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Cured is the word we all want to hear. Congratulations! :-)

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Denis!  Great news!  That has to make you feel blessed!  I will continue praying that it stays that way and no more bouts affect you.  Time to celebrate for real now! 

Cherie :)

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That's not just good new, that's GREAT news! Take it and run with it............Congratulations!!!!

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That makes July 2nd a very nice day.  Great news!


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yes, excellent news. This 5 year finish line always seems pretty artitrary to me. Go for it and say I am CURED at 4, what the heck. In fact, after the two year mark NED you are pretty much "cured" according to many published data. Enjoy, don

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News just doesn't get any better than that . Congradulations on being cured , now you really are a true H&N Cancer survior !!!!


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What a fantasitic thing to hear and to have happened.  I am soooo glad for you.  You also spread joy and hope for the rest of us during our "waiting period".

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jim and i
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Great NEWS! Doing my happy Dance' :)


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That is music to my ears!  Congratulations on the good, good news!  This will be a very happy Independence Day for you, that's for sure!




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Great, great news!!!  congrats!!!

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Hey Denis, super, major congratulations, that news rocks the house, and it's time to celebrate BIG TIME!!  Keep it movin forward!!


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WOW........Denis and Paul all in the same day. Celebrate the good news.


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Man, that's great news. What a way to kick off the July 4th holiday.



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Great news! Congratulations!  You are an awesome survivor!

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excellent news!!  we love hearing this kind of news.


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