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Pelvic lymph node dissection

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The recent pet scan lit up a node along right internal illiac vessels in pelvis with suv-19.5 and interval followup had shown mild
increase in size. The CEA has rose from 4.65(in Mar'13) to 8.69(now) so the doc says its mostly malignant.

The onc says since its only single node, surgical removal will be beneficial.
We will be talking to the surgeon tom for the possible pelvic lymph node dissection.

Wanted to know if any one have had surgery to remove the same.
What complications and risks should be expected?

Do you know if this will cause lymphedema?

Thanks a lot for any help.


Son of mom,
May'11 - surgery to remove the tumour in rectum
Found stage 3c. ( 10/26 nodes +ve)
June - Dec' 11 folfox chemo + radiation
Dec'11 - pet ct – clear

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I don't know the answer. Just wanted to say I pray for the best!





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Personally, I had 38 taken out in one surgery (along with a bunch of other stuff).  I think having just one removed should be pretty easy, at least compared to your mom's previous surgery.  And as surgery is generally considered the best route to a cure, it's usually a great option if it's available.  You might want to read up on using cimetidine/tagamet (an OTC medication for stomach acid) and its possible role in reducing the chance of the cancer spreading during surgery.  Some studies show that this drug can be very helpful if taken for a week before and a week after surgery.  Your mom can ask her surgeon about taking it, although he/she may not know about it.  Mine had never heard of using it, but felt it was in the "couldn't hurt" category.  I took it for my 5th surgery, and while it may be coincidence, that is the one that finally got me to NED for an extended period, after multiple recurrences.  Tell your mom good luck!  Ann Alexandria

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Thanks Gail and Ann.


In your case you got them removed in the pelvis illiac region?

My doc says, he may need to remove nodes on both sides, right and left illiac if reqd 

though the enlarged node is in the right internal illiac.

Is lymphedema common to occur after lymph node dissection?




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I had a couple iliac nodes removed for cervical cancer and have not expended any lymphadema.  It is more likely to occur with removal of many lymph nodes and by radiation to the area the nodes were removed.  I had six removed and radiation.  No lymphadema.  Good luck to your mom.

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