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chemo update

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Pamela B
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I am done.....again!  Decided against the maintenance clinical trial.  I would have to have anoyher infusion of Taxol.  My neuropathy is already bad and that would make it worse and permanent according to my oncologist.  Plus with my luck I would get taxol in the study instead of the no side effect drug.  My doctor said that the jury is still out on maintenance and for now he doesn't recommend it.  So I am done!  Hasn't sunk in yet, chemo has been so much a part of my life for six months.  My hair is just starting to come back.  I can't wait to dye it again!

I do feel a little funny about stopping chemo.  At least when I was on it I felt I was doing a job and fighting the good fight.  Now I am on my own and have to fight it from within.  Sort of scary to think of chemo as a security blanket.  Read another study blaming carbs for cancer.  I will definitely cut down but I love carbs!


In complete remission and on the road to recovery!  Could not have done it with all the help and support I receive here.  Thanks so much ladies!

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Enjoy being NED and know that being anxious about it seems to go with the territory. I realized yesterday that I started to feel anxious, couldn't think of why in particular and then had the thought "in a month I have another ca125" Bingo! I get that thing about being in treatment and feeling like you're fighting, but I guess we have to be in fighting mode all the time now. As for carbs....sigh.........

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You made the decision that is right for you and I'm happy that your chemo is done.  Now in your post-chemo life, do your best to enjoy each day and try not to think about the "what ifs".  I wish you a fun and happy summer!


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