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Interesting discovery made by Canadian researchers

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"Over and over again,surgeons the world over were noticing that cancer recurred sooner if patients developed infectious complicatiions such as pneumonia after surgery...."


another article on this with link to original


Out of curiosity, did anyone experience this?

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yes recurrence 1 maleria and 2 was port infection. its so true from my experience, the latest german blood tests i am starting actually analyse components of inflamation so that it can be treated independently of the cancer, albiet cancerous cells generate inlamamation.

the natural health, the immune strengthening i see as essential to maximising your health. why the sugar and candida issue is the classic example. 


see the link, if i am not mistaken candida cuold be a likely pro metastatic risk, so yes every coke, every sweet maximises helps candida, which encourges mets.

my 2 cents worth,



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This article said:

“Over the past five to seven years, there has been this increasing recognition that maybe something right after surgery may trigger a cancer to come back,” Ferri said.

Over and over again, surgeons the world over were noticing that cancer recurred sooner if patients developed infectious complications such as pneumonia after surgery

While they did not give a specific timeframe, I am guessing they mean within the surgical recovery window, not months or years later.  Which brings up another question by extension:  Does the surgery (some or all) actually release cancer cells into circulation?

As with all things related to cancer, one size does not fit all...some will get mets early, some later, some not at all.

Marie who loves kitties

PS  Thanks for being our reasearcher and sharing new findings


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