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through to the other side

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted in a while and wanted to thank you for your support and to report good news about my friend.  Although I had no idea about his treatment or care, I learned via the grapevine that he's NED - and I saw him Friday at a work function!  We spoke briefly, and then we spoke on the phone later that day.

His voice is almost as strong as I remember, and he spoke animatedly.  Thank you for your suggestions to keep sending cards and letters and to leave messages; they didn't go unnoticed.  I feel selfish for wanting to know more - one of my posts here told you I felt in the dark - however I did my share of praying and crying and talking to the God of my understanding, and God listened.  I'm so very grateful, and am glad he's my friend.

Maybe my imagination got the better of me since I lost an aunt to esophageal cancer in January; your posts and notes helped me through a difficult few months from the sidelines.

Blessings to you, and I'll continue to read here if I may.


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Why would you ever want to leave our smiling faces, LOL...


Glad it all worked out for you and your friend...

Best ~ John

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You are a good friend!


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Glad to hear this!

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