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New Rad Grad

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Today, I officially finished my 33 rounds of radiation!!!!!!!!!!  Earlier in the week, I was fearful of this day, but now that it is here, I am glad.  I received my certification of completion from my two favorite radiation therapists. What I appreciated about them is they always had a smile. I really appreciated Eric, in that he always, always, made sure that I was decent during my treatment and set up.  Just the simple fact that he would pull my gown over my unradiated side if it slipped.  It just meant a lot, since I am rather private about such things.  Its the little things that help make this hard journey more bearable.  Saw my radiation oncologist today too, and she was all smiles and told me how get the little clear circles stickers that covered the markings for my boost off. She said it would pull my skin off if I did not use lots of aquaphor.  Well, she was right. I successfully got four of them off without trouble, but the fifth one did pull some off.  Wow, who would have believed they would stick like glue! Hope the small amount of missing skin does not give me trouble.

So now, I am off to a series of appoints - DEXA scan, internal ultra sound, and OB-GYN exam before starting tamoxifen on Jully 15th.  Not had the internal ultra sound before and am a little nervous about that.  Anyone had one of these before?  Not sure what to expect.

I will say that my skin from the rads is already not quite as red.  I guess it is already starting to heal!  Looking forward to that.

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So happy your radiation treatments are over!  It is amazing how many wonderful healthcare professionals are out there.  I only had one nurse that I thought should maybe think about being in another line of work, but everyone else was great.  I am so glad you had wonderful people caring for you as well.  As far as the internal ultra sound goes, it is quick and painless.  The tech will drape a sheet over you and whenever I had it done, the tech had me guide the wand in.  You will not be on display.  Her hand is under the sheet and she moves it around while looking at her computer.  I know you are not looking forward to it, but it is no worse than going to the gynecologist. It will be over before you know it.

I hope all your appointments go smoothly and you can then concentrate on healing.  No more Rads!! Yeah!!



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YIPEE, AND HOORAY ...   Job well done.


Vicki Sam

Cheryl S
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Kristin N
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Congratulations to our newest rad grad!

Candi Cane
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CONGRATULATIONS!  This is wonderful news!  I'm so happy for you!  Good luck with your other tests and appointments.  Keep us updated on those results.

Congrats, Candi

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Congrats Rad GRAD!  This is great! 

Sue :)

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Big congrats!

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Yippee!!!  Give yourself a pat on the back and a big hug from me!!!! Laughing

taylor manny
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Congratulations for graduating from rads! 

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Great!  Congrats!

Cheryl S
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Congratulations also! I finished yesterday!


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Alexis F
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Congrats and good luck with your tests!


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Congrats to you! You're on your way to a full recovery.



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So glad you've graduated!!

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way to go...


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Now what to do with not going there everyday , I was lost for a while then i got over it lol.~~MollyZ~~

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Congratulations Rad Grad!! 




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