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ca125 up again!!

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Joined: Jan 2012

I was shattered to hear this week that my CA125 has jumped another 102 points to 525 (my 6th consecutive rise!).  I am continuing on with Topotecan but my Oncologist wants to add Avastin so that is planned for tomorrow.  Has anyone else had this combination?

Another complication - this week at chemo discovered my portocath has flipped over and can't be accessed!  It was back to the canula in my hand, difficult with my veins but looks like surgery to fix it.  Will find out about that tomorrow.

To add to that I have a pretty (ugly really) swollen ankle!!  U/S shows no sign of a clot which is a relief. 

Sorry about my whinge but it has been a bad week!

Julie x

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I hope they find a good combo for you and get those numbers down. As Gilda says " It's always something"....stay strong...Val 


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You certainly are justified in you exasperation! 

I don't know anything about the medicines you mentioned, but there is a very recent posting on this board about Avastin.

I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way!

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I would want to share this news as well. I haven't had Avastin, but I hope it does its job for you soon. Please continue to post and let us know how you are doing. Sending hopeful and healing thoughts your way!

Hopefully your groodle, whose picture is adorable, will help get you through!


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I hope they fix your port and Topotecan + Avastin turn CA125 trend around.

Sending positive thoughts and hugs towards Australia

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2timothy1 7
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You've just hit a bump in the road. Take a deep breath and plan your next attack. 

Sorry you are dealing with this!

Hugs to you!

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Julie, I am so sorry that your CA 125 continues to rise but I hope that adding Avastin does the trick and you kick cancer's butt!  I also hope that your port is fixed quickly and that your ankle gets better soon.  Come back often to let us know how you're doing!



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So sorry that you're dealing with these set backs. I've not had that chemo combo, but I'm hoping that it kicks butt! I went through several different combos before they found the one that has been keeping me stable for the past two years.                ((((((((HUGS)))))))) Maria

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Topotecan did not work for me too. CA125 was rising. July,2 I will start Avastin too, but smaller dose than normal. My blood pressure was affected two years ago with Avastin and doctor canceled it. I will have Avastin and Doxil. My CA125 380 now. I hope this Chemo will knock it down. I hope Avastin will work for you too Julie. I read a lot good about this drug. With best wishes, Zina :)

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I  hope they  get you sorted   soon  Julie  my   potacot  is  being an issue  also but so  far so  good.  I  pray your  ca  125  starts  to come   down  and  your  chemo   starts  to  kick  it  .........hugs  Donna

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