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Well 4 weeks later I get post-op results

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Recently had the DaVinci Partial done to the left lower kidney. Never actually believed that because of the stat of the 2 to 3 cm tumor usually being 70% malignant pre-op, that I would have cancer. No one in my entire family history ever had cancer. Why would I be the ultimate unlucky loser. Turns out I was for no reason. I was told it was a 3 cm T1a F2, whatever the hell the f2 means the surgeon was too busy to explain as you feel like a piece of meat on a cutting board these days, so many patients so little time. The feeling of being rushed makes you forget what you wanted to ask.  I wanted to ask how they remove this scary mass cleanly without any molecules brushing off elsewhere as the robot extracts it, totally forgot. Anyway he said I have a 98 to 99% chance of being clean now and at 53 should live a normal finish. Scan in 6 months, etc. etc. While I was not that happy inside, I don't show it. The recovery was very quick and never had symptoms, Its going to be a pain wondering if I'm the 2% in 6 months, as luck is not on my side recently, especially with the stock market wiping me out, Remember all the Wallstreet experts calling for world oil and energy shortages, clueless. Anyway, its been an eye opener past 2 months, physically its easy but the other part is tough sometimes. Good luck everyone else. Guess I\ll try to eat more veggies, but will still never touch a tomato.

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...as RCC goes youre on the upside of things.

The "F2" can only refer to the grading, aka Fuhrman grade.

The Fuhrman grade describes the extent to which the cancer cells differ microscopically from normal kidney cells. Grade 4 being the most agressive/differentiated.

Generally speaking grade 1 and 2 are considered low/medium risk in terms of future recurrence (as an independant prognostic factor, other things plays in as well).

Grade 3/4 has approx. 4 times higher risk than 1/2...

Statistically, and I stress its statistically, with a 3 cm T1a grade 2 your surgeon stating 98% certainty of no relapse isnt that far off the charts (95%+ for your stage and grade combination is the figure mostly used in various statistics).

Add to that the lower pole placement which is also a positive contribution to your overall prognosis.

Not easy joining this club no matter how good a prognosis you have, but try to look for the silver lining in the cloud, because yours certainly has one.

As for the surgical question about removal without spreading anything, the keyword here is clear margins. Ask your surgeon, but since thats a very critical point Im sure he wouldnt have brushed you off with the 98-99% line if the margins hadnt been clear. As for taking out the removed part, it is placed in a socalled endobag while still inside you which is then tightly sealed before they remove it through the handport.


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So far everything is goin to plan. So what if you had Cancer.You had Cancer, you do not have it anymore and with that path report

you shoud not have it again.


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You have had to deal with some pretty stressful stuff recently. It is a hard thing to hear ' that you have cancer ', it is like a major body blow. The good thing is that the operation was very successful and you have the rest of your life to look forward to. There is no point dwelling on the percentages or statistics. We can't live in fear of the what if's in life, there are too many of them.

I have a couple of close friends who have health problems. One of them has severe issues with MS another has an inoperable brain mass. They constantly remind me how lucky I am, I was able to have my problem removed. They don't have that luxury.

When you look at it from that perspective, we are fortunate, and thanks to a surgeons amazing skill set,we are in good shape right now. We also have the benefit of constant check ups for the rest of our lives.

All the best to you and enjoy those veggies and keep off the sugar:-)


Djinnie x


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Thanks....just watched a few videos of how my robotics probably went exactly the same. Doesn't really show them slide the bag out but I got the jist. Surgeon did tell me my mass was like almost a centimetre larger than the catscan showed. The follow up exam in 5 months is the big thing now, its almost like starting over again. Oh well, at least I can hold off shopping for luxuries, new clothes, electronics etc can wait til after.

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The internet offers little if any postiive reinforcement for RCC survivors.  That is, except for this site. Most of what you read on the internet is steeped in technical jargon, with cold hard data that is always subject to interpretation.

What you have here is a group of real live, emphasis on the word LIVE, RCC survivors.  We have experienced much of what you have and have come together to provide support, guidance, and education for the newer members of our club.  Welcome!

We have folks here, still supporting, still encouraging after many years, and others like you and me who have only been here a short while.  I am only seven weeks a head of you. My tumor was T1b (4.5 cm) F3 with no lymphs checked and no checking for mets to other organs.

Your diagnosis and pathology is among some of the best here,.  Accept it, stay hydrated, stay away from salt and sugar, stay vigilant, and live your life. Just try to pass on your experiences to others who come here needing a friend.

Again, welcome!  Ask anything here.  Share anything here! Thats what we are here for.


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