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Update on Dawne!

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Dawne had her 2nd treatment of the gemzar today.She was feeling pretty bad when I chatted with her earlier. She had a rough couple of days last week after the treatment but then she did pretty good. She will have a week off then another treatment in 2 weeks. She is hoping to feel well enough to make a little short trip to visit family. Her sister who had been taking chemo has her last treatment tomorrow!! Dawne thinks of all of you often and keeps you in her prayers. Thank you all again for the support and kindness. Prayers for you all. God Bless

                                                   (((hugs))) Jannice

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If only we could skip the "bad days" of chemo and just go on to the good.  I hope Dawne will have the chance to see her sister.  Nothing like a visit to perk one up.  The "off week" is so short.  Hoping this treatment will help her.

Best to you,


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She has to endure so much.  I wish there was an easier way for her.  Glad she has a week off and hoping she can see her sister.  Family can always brighten our days. 

Give her big hugs!




Hugs, Debby

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Bumping Again.

New Flower
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Dawne always in my thoughts

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and her family. Thank you for the updates.


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  This post was updated by Janice after the one posted on June 20th.


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PLease tell Dawne she will be in my prayers from now on for a clean bill of health!!!



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