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For those of you who aren't aware, but are interested in helping in research, www.armyofwomen.org is a great place to go.  I believe you have to create an account, then go to Sign Up Today, then Current Projects.

For years, I wanted to participate somewhere, somehow, but could never figure out the NIH sites (you can still go there to look but I find it very difficult to figure out what I can enroll in).

Finally, Dr. Susan Love and Avon brought us a web site where you can quickly scan over studies that you might be eligible to participate in and everything is written in language you can understand.

I have now particpated in 2 studies: one for young women diagnosed with breast cancer (this one called for a blood sample and it didn't matter that I am 60 now) and a new one, Hormones, the KRAS-variant, and Breast Cancer Risk (Yale).  The latter required some path reports and an easy to do at home saliva specimen.

It feels so wonderful to be a part of a possible solution!  If I could help one single breast cancer patient...well I don't think I have to explain here! 

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Thank you for the info. I like to participate in studies too. I am currently doing one of genome testing at Sloan.

I will read more about what you're suggesting.



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You have certainly done more than I have for breast cancer.  

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.  I probably should go read about it.


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It was very simple to do.  I never get the results of any of this, but I just want to help so I am ok with it.  Looking at my beautiful daughter and nieces is reason enough for me to spit in a little tube...Lol.

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2009 ..  I have gather great information, and insight from them.


Vicki Sam

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I've been a proud member of the Army of Women since 2009.  I've participated in about half a dozen studies since then:  several quick, easy online surveys, and one study of social support for lesbian breast cancer survivors that required several phone surveys.  

I also did the blood sample one for young women diagnosed with breast cancer, and I've signed up for and am waiting for my kit to arrive in the mail so I can spit in a test tube for the saliva one. Ah, yes -- isn't research sexy? Wink

For me personally, I feel like it's my responsibility to participate where I can in finding the cause of this terrible disease that takes so many women and men from us.  IF there is a reason I got breast cancer, maybe that's the reason?

Just my own personal feelings,




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I have been part of The Sister Study since my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.    The study lasts 10 years and has participants all over the world.  I had to give blood, urine and toenail samples along with dust from my house, blood pressure, weight, etc.  Every year or so I have to complete a

very comprehensive questionnaire on my health, environment, experiences.  I joined the study because I have 2 daughters and

3 nieces and wanted to do what I could to help prevent them having this disease. Who knew I would get cancer in 2010?  The Study

puts participants who contract the disease into a different group, but continues to follow them for the 10 years.



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