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July 4th Plans?

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July 4th Plans?

We are camping on Ct shore!



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we are going to the annual picnic/fireworks of a family friend...........she lives right on the water, and we

watch fireworks from their dock!!!

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I double-clicked!!

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Chances are we will picnic with my husband's family at his sister's.  She and her family live along a small lake near here.  They have some jet skis, a small motor boat, and some cool things people can climb onto and be pulled by the motor boat (i.e. inner tube).

My town celebrates from Friday evening through Sunday night, the weekend nearest July 4.  There are those small-town amusement rides, a parade, a cruise in, entertainment (live music), and fireworks.

We live on a hill and can see the fireworks well.  We invite all kinds of people to come on over.  All they need to do is bring a snack (finger food) and cold drink to share.  That way it does not matter how many come.  We take care of the paper products, hot drinks (if a chilly evening, which sometimes is the case around here), a big jug of cold water.  We also grill hot dogs.  People bring lawn chairs or blankets to put on the ground and come on up well before the fireworks begin.

At first we set the food up on our deck, but became a problem as the number of people coming grew.  Then we put it out on the patio under the deck, but the lighting was poor there.  So, we have set up tables in our garage for the food.  Then we can have lights as well. 

This first started out as a family thing; ironically, the afternoon my husband and I returned from our honeymoon (1995), we had some of his relatives show up.  After that, we broadened the base.  Believe it or not, there have been times when we have pushed about 100 or so people in our backyard!!  What is the challenge is that we live on a deadend street, just two houses.  To get to our street, we travel up a short road that is also deadend.  So, there is only one way in and out.  We have cars parked on the edge of the empty, grassy lot next to us plus double-parked on our front yard.  After the fireworks end, my husband and I go out to help "direct" the traffic as people leave.  (You have no idea how little road space we have here.)  It is a lot of fun, really!

Last year we had a smaller group.  That was because I was doing chemo (and struggling a bit with how it was affecting my breathing).  I did not mind people coming, as my husband and two of his sisters could take care of the hospitality.  I think that our usuals generally stayed away because of my health issues.  I did go out on the deck and watch the fireworks; otherwise, I just stayed in the house, in my recliner.

Who knows for this year?  We are ready!!

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wow big shabang...



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I'll probably be riding around in a tow truck.  Hubby is a tow driver and he's to be the duty driver.  He likes to have me ride with (and help)  him on weekends or holidays.  (I work part tiime for the company as dispatcher.)  We'll have our rods and reels with us so we might be able to get a bit of fishiing in.  He's going to have Labor Day weekend off (his birthday is Sept 3) so we'll be taking off with our boat, fishing gear (spinning and fly) and camping gear with no plans as to where we go - just go and see where the wind tells us to go. 

SADLY -There will once again be no fireworks over Mt. Rushmore.  There is so much standing DEAD (from the Bark Beetle 'epidemic') Ponderosa pine in the area that the very serious danger of mega forest fires in the Black Hills is just too extreme for the Shrine of Democracy to do fireworks on the Fourth.

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We are going to a friend's place on a bayou (Rotten Bayou to be exact--thought you guys would like that).  And yes it comes with a gator who stays in a little slough off of the bayou.  He is actually shy and afraid of people, but we keep an eye on him.

There is a nice covered dock and a little beach and I am going to do my darndest to not get sun!

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