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Question? When do we start counting..after diagnosis or chemo???

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I need to know this....I am only 2 years and 3 months from diagnosis. I would like to know when is the appropriate counting time start





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I think everyone has a different way to time it. I personally count mine from the surgery date.

Congratulations on your 2 years and 3 months, BTW! Wishing you MANY MORE HEALTHY YEARS ahead.


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Christmas Girl
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I agree - we can all probably choose... Seems to me many begin 'counting' as of their surgery date - because that's when the cancer is removed. Others start with the date of their diagnosis.

However, I actually asked my medical oncologist. He said we'd begin 'counting' once all invasive treatment had been completed.

Kind regards, Susan

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i dont observe an canserversary, but i count fom when treatment was doen. so i am 3 years out of the latest one.





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I asked my oncologist this same question during my last visit. She said you start counting when you have finished active treatment. In my case I had surgery followed by 16 rounds of chemo - no radiation. I start counting on the day of my last chemo infusion. In her opinion the date of diagnosis would not be relevant.


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I think it all depends on each person. There is no RIGHT or wrong for cancer. HOW we deal, cope and handle it. THE ONLY date I remember is JUNE 28, 08 (THIS Friday) marks the 5 yr mark since I finished my radiation (NO chemo).




Aug will be end of 5 yrs on tamoxifen (not sure if that will be the end. I go to oncologist mid July)

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Megan M
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I agree Denise, I don't think there is any set rule for it.  I just go by how many years since I finished rads.


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Thank you very much and may you all have many many years of good health!!!



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I never observed any canceranniversary.  Never heard of the term until I came on this board.

Since I have never been out of treatment, and never will be.  I go by the date I was diagnose.  I will be going into my 20th year in August.  I have been very lucky that hormonal drug therapies have worked so very long for me.  I am now doing chemo....


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