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scan/port ?

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Thank you all for the crossed fingers, prayers, and positive thoughts sent out for my tests today. I do not see my doctor till next week. Usually I am more anxious, but truthfully, I feel so good......if they find something I think I have the amunition I need.

On another note, I still have my port (breast cancer stuff)....they said they can no longer use it to inject the dye for the scan. Apparently it is safer because if during the injection something should start to feel as though it were burning or painful you may not feel it through the port and they could damage the port. It would then need to be removed and reinserted. Not really an issue, I'm ok getting poked, just was new to me and wondering if this was being done everywhere now. (I realize many no longer have a port, but for those that do)

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I will be thinking of you today and hoping all goes well.  As for getting the contrast through the port, I asked about that when I still had mine and was told by the radiology tech that they would not do that unless the port was already accessed (had a needle in it).  Mine was not at the time and they would have had to call someone in to stick the port.  Since I don't mind being stuck, I told them that wasn't necessary.  However, when I am being stuck for bloodwork or contrast or whatever, I give the person two chances to hit paydirt.  After two unsuccessful tries, I ask for someone else. 

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Thanks, my port was already accessed but they still didn't use. I know what you mean about two strikes and you're out. A while back when in the middle of treatment it took eight times before they finally called the paramedic from the flight crew (they're usually the best), she got it right away!

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Praying for good results on your scan!

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Thanks......prayers back at you!!!

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Prayers from here.



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