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Feeling So Good

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School where I live ended last Friday for staff.  Now I am on my break, although I am busy this week with my church's Vacation Bible School.  Last year at this time I was two rounds short of finishing chemo and then heading onto rads.  This year I am feeling really good.  I feel "normal," for the most part.  I have my energy back.  I can most of the things I used to do. 

Last week I was saying to the teachers I work with that this summer I plan to make up for what I missed out on last summer -- although my husband and I were able to get away for about four days between chemo and rads, and that went really well.

This summer I am going to try some new local eateries for lunch with friends.  I am going with my husband to Juneau, Alaska, to help with a project for two weeks.  I am going to Ohio for about a week to visit/help my parents (age 90) to give my brother and his wife a break, as my father will be having cataract surgery.  (He and my mother are in an independent living facility.)

I am about to go out my door to go down to our local ice cream spot for a soft cone OR milkshake (rare treat), as it is a rather humid, warm day for our area.  I do not have to fix supper, as my husband has a Babe Ruth baseball game to coach after work.  We are having get-your-own supper, using leftovers.

I share this not to discourage any of you.  I share this to show that things can get better, if you are currently struggling through surgery, chemo, and rads at the present time.  (I am a Stage IIIA.)


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It's great to be reminded I won't always be tired.  My taste buds will recover.

It's discouraging to see things change in a bad way.  But such a lift to be reminded it's temporary.

Congrats on moving through your journey to this point.  Have a great summer, and have something really yummy and tasty at a nice restaurant.


Love and hugs,


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I am happy to be reading that things are now back to normal.  I remember how nice that was when all was over.

Enjoy your life,


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Its been a year next week since my last chem treatment, and on Sept 20th, it will mark my one year anniversary since my last radiation treatment.  I am getting my strength back, however, for the last few months, I have been experiencing aches and pains in my joints, and numbness in my hands.

I haven't returned to work yet, tomorrow I go back to CTCA in Zion, IL for a CT scan, and on Thursday, I will be receiving my final infusion of herceptin.  And if all goes well with my CT scan, on Friday, I will have surgery to have my port removed.

And I will get to speak with a plastic surgeon about possibly getting my left breast removed, and maybe moving forward with some kind of reconstruction.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and with our faith, family support, and the dedication of the cancer researchers, and doctors, we will win the fight aganist cancer, look how far it has come. 

Good Luck!!!!!!

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wow so great to hear you are feeling well. YOU are right it does give others hope-things will get better-though not good jouney while on the ride.


Thanks for sharing..


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