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Please Help me by giving your suggestions.

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My aunt is suffering from liver cancer .In connection of treatment,we have been through some websites we found that soursop/graviola fruit is used to reduce the cancerous cells . I shall be grateful if anyone of you can share your views in this regard . I shall be highly obliged.

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I strongly believe in natural treatment, and I do believe in natural food. I have not tried soursop, but I will give it a tried for my husband. I am giving lots of beetroots and carrot for my husband at the moment. And I also tried the Artichoke. I would say so far so good. Take care.

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I'm just starting to review alternatives, found several favorable comments on licorice, but also some concerns; we haven't yet decided whether to try any.

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does anyone know or have tried this herbal extract called solamargine from taiwan? Its entirely from a concortion of chinese herbs, but the main ingredients is this solamargine. Please do let me know if you know of anyone wh have tried it.

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