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concussion.....not cancer......good grief!!!

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sorry to trouble you dear friends....out for a walk on Sunday night and went over on my ankle.....fell to the asphalt road backwards and hubby says my head gave a big cracking sound.  fine......you get up and think...well nothing is broken

oh good grief i feel like I am back in post surgery chemo land.....pain, neck stiffness, intense headache, dizziness light headed and nausea nausea nausea....crap I need this like a hole in the head.....hahah so to speak.  Went to my primary doc and she said well and fully concussed.....rest and tylenol.

QUESTION.....anybody have any concussion experience, tips or advice???/ I feel crappiolaaaa

thanks....mags, ,

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See what happens when you don't plug in your Hoveround power chair, LOL?!

When I was younger, I never understood falling as being so dangerous....but now, I see that we are one slip away on any given moment of any given day....and for things that are just as complex as they could be, that can still get us there.

Balance and stability are two things that I am working on. 

I'd watch for prolonged headaches, disorientation, balance problems etc. 

Try the rest but if symptoms persist, I'd shoot for an x-ray or an MRI as a precaution......if things don't seem right to you.

I'm sorry, Mags.....

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Take it slow and easy.  That's my advice.  Your brain is recovering from a shock...


If you start to feel disoriented or can't be roused from sleep, get thee back to your doctor, dearest....ASAP!!!


I COULD insert the tired expression of: "If you feel pain, then you must be still living"....but, well, you get the drift!!!  *grin*


BIG hugs...take it easy (like doc said)....


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So very sorry to hear about your fall.  Tell hubby to lend you his arm from now on!

Just checked the web and here is a site which talks about what to watch out for:


Hope that all works out well and that you are feeling better soonest.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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Feel better soon

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sorry to hear about your fall.i hope you are feeling better hope this helps((((HUGS))))...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Geesh Mags! Are we going to have to chip in for a helmet and padding for you?
Hope you are feeling better!

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thank you dear friends....apparently I do need a helmetSmile. Seriously....this head business is a drag....the one thing it does is remind me of post surgical and chemo days....headache pain nausea.  A little reminder for me of the pain so many on this forum still suffer.

oh and getting to laze around and having hubby bring little things to eatSmile. maybe a better pair of old lady walking shoes......

a hug for all......mags

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oh and getting to laze around and having hubby bring little things to eat.....


And this is a BAD thing?????  *grin*


Hugs, Kathi

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If your gonna' fall, you need to perfect your landing technique. In Golden Corral restaurant, I slipped on some food on the floor(in front of 100 people) and landed flat on my back, but fortunately my butt took the brunt of it. A nice looking gentleman helped me up. No headache, but everything else was sure stiff for a few days. I think the embarrassment was worse than the fall.

Hope you're feeling better soon.



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Sorry about your head but glad that you are ok.  Hugs to you girls.  Glad that you are ok.


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So sorry to hear this, but glad it wasn't worse.  Tell your husband from me that extra pampering is definitely prescribed (I think I read somewhere that foot rubs are a sure cure for concussions)...and feel better soon!

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I fell this winter ice skating and off my bike last summer. A friend at work gave me his bike helmet to use. Its easy to lose your footing. Hope you are feeling better! If any discomfort continues dont hesitate to contact your Dr. Barb

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Mags, Feel better soon. Be gentle with yourself.  Concussions take time to heal. 

Cathleen Mary

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2013-06-26 I hope this finds you with a clear head, no headaches and still smiling from your hubby's care taking ability. (I'm assuming when he brought you breakfast in bed the tray held a vase with a flower in it).

Dear girl, please be more careful, every once in a while that darn pavement will jump up behind you and attack you that way.  You need to have your ninja ears on when walking about so you can hear when the pavement is rising behind you in order to escape future concussions!

I'm glad you are doing better.

Winter Marie

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Hope this finds you well and you are feeling better! Sorry to hear of your fall ... I don't know if this will be of help to you, but I have had a concussion before and remember crying for no apparent reason.  I was told by the doctors at the time that this is a normal response to head injuries.  It went on for several days .... other than that it was rest and not to be alone for treatment.  Hot baths for the muscle pain. 

Feel better!! Cool


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