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I am 5 yrs out but anyone else not told "CANCER"????? at time of test results!!

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I know this is after the fact-when I had my biospy way back in 2008 my dr whom I LOVE-told me on the phone

"NOT good but NOT BAD" DCIS-he refered me to a surgeon.


I looked it up on line-first word I saw was CANCER!

I was clueless-and in awe when I searched.


Just curious...MY dr is great but surprised he told me on the phone-He did my hysterctomy (due to tamoxifen 2 yrs ago) My daughter goes to him (he delivered her). VERY compassionate man.



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I was told from the 'git go' that the path. would come back positive.  But then I deal with IBC which presents itself very obvious.   I had had a mammo in June - nothing showed.  I found an enlarged node under arm on night that hadn't been there the day before.  My PA was on vcation so it took a week to see her.  Saw her at 11, she had me in for a new mammo at 1 and it was followed immediately by a sono and biopsies.  My PA and the Radiologist who did the biopsies all told me they were 'sure' it was IBC but the path. would 'tell'.  That was on Thurs., the next morning at 8 I got a call from Dr - definately IBC.  From then everything went fast - saw surgeon, rads Dr, chemo Dr, loads of scans and iin less than 3 weeks had started neoadjuvant chemo.

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Have to get on my 'soap box' - my care is through the VA and I could not ask for better care.   My PA is VA but they outsourced my cancer care to the local Cancer Care Center and private surgeon.   Hubby is retire USN (I was USA) so his PC is also through VA and it's been fantastic for him coveriing his S/C disabilities. and all other issues.

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