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One Y ear Ago Today

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Glad to be done
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I had my last cancer treatment..  It is great but scarey.  Now that I have gone a year without any cancer I wonder if I am going to wake up tomorrow and find out it is back...I will take every clean day I can get

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One thing we all know is that once we've been diagnosed, our lives are never the same. The "what ifs" are always there and we're wise to stay alert, BUT dancing with NED is a glorious thing so dance on and on!

                                                                        ((((HUGS)))))   Maria

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It is only natural to worry and wonder.  I think I would be doing that at my age even if I didn't have cancer.  I am 65 and although I have longevity in my family I know I am in the winter of my life.  I look at my my mom who is 89 and never talks of death.  I have an aunt who is 88 works in her garden and is constantly thinking of ways to improve her home. 

I am scared too but also hold out hope that they will really get it this time.  I hope to have a long or permanent second remission like some of the ladies have reported.  Anything is possible.  But if it does come back again I will fight it like the other ladies.  I read about one who has had eight recurrances.  That is really frightening but she is still here and still doing what she needs to do.

But for now Eileen, please enjoy yourself.  We all celebrate with you.  Your remission is our remission too.



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Laughing   2013-06-25.   Enjoy being cancer free..you worked hard to get there...time to party...val



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 Enjoy! Dancing with NED is wonderful and wishing you many, many more years of dancing.


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and time goes by so fast when you are feeling good. I have been NED from ovarian cancer for 15 months and I only wish it would last forever. However long it lasts, I will be grateful.

Enjoy your time!! 

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I too felt that since of fear.  After I completed 11 months of treatment I went back for check ups, blood work etc every month.  At some point the discussion came up of extending the time in between appts.  My doctor threw out every two months.  I said well should we go to three?  He said well I think we can - but can you?  LOL!  He hit the nail on the head!!!  

Eventually we did get to every three months.  But there is this fear and a big adjustment period of going from "having cancer" and that frequent treatment schedule to being "done" and sort of "turned lose" if you will.  

I so know where you are coming from!   

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Here's to waking up only to good news tomorrow and every day

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I wish you a long and happy life with NED!! 

I myself have been living with NED for two years and three months (and counting) and, while I don't dwell on it anymore, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about cancer. 

By the way, I'm not selfish; I'm happy to share NED and I'm sure you feel the same way too!  Here's hoping that NED finds "his" way to every woman on this board.


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Pamela B
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Congratulations on your anniversary.  I was 5 weeks in and they decided I needed another round for insurance.  But hopefully I will be where you are!

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Congrats! It shows us that it can be done and what a wonderful blessing! Party on!

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kimberly sue 63
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Every day is a good day... I am 8 months out from chemo and a CA125 of a 5.... I still worry every day.. so everyday with no chemo and no progression is good. Enjoy those days and I hope they last a lifetime!!!!Kim

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