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side effects at end of herceptin treatments

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I am getting ready to have my last herceptin infusion this week, yeah!!!!!  however, its been almost a year since my last chemo treatment, and on Sept. 20th, it will be one year since my last radiation treatment (I had 33 rounds of them).  For the most part I do feel good, and thankful to Jesus for keeping a watchful eye on me. 

But, here is my issue, I have in the past experienced some numbness in my hands and arms, but not what I would call servere, but the last few months, my joints have been hurting more, and the numbness has been lasting alot longer, and coming around more often.

I have talked to my onco about this, she has prescribed Gabapentin and celebrex for me, but she has told me that it seems weird that I am having problems during the later part of my treatments.

Has anyone else experienced these symtoms this late in the game? And my left wrist feels like I have carpal tunnel, it hurts constantly, and on a scale of 1-10, I'd say its like a 6 or 7 pain.  And I am starting to notice that pain on my right wrist now.  Weird.... 

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Wish I could offer you some help, but, I can't.  Did the Gabapentin and celebrex help at all?  If it doesn't, let your onco know so they can prescribe something else.  There has to be something that will help you.

Keep us updated and good luck,


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yes it has helped with lessening the numbnes, the nurse noticed I looked tired, I told her, I was trying to take the gabapentin 2x a day, and gradually work myself up to 3x a day like I was supposed, but, she said if the gabapentin is making very tired, to just go back to one a day. 

I am walking on average 1 mile a day, sometimes 2 or even 3, seems to help somewhat with the pain in my ankles, but after I sit back down for any period of time, oh boy, I am stiff, and walk like a 80 yr. old woman. 


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