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AI comparison question

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Hi, group!  I am BRCA 1, Stage I in 2008, had bilteral mastectomies (1 preventive because of the BRCA).  I took Femara for 5 years and recently discussed with my onc if I should continue taking it.  I want to continue taking something to keep my body estrogen free, and my onc agreed; however he suggested I switch to Aromasin or possibly even Tamoxifen if I continue taking something because I have side effects with depression and hair loss.  My hair thinned on Femara and I am on Lexapro, which mostly, but not completely, controlled my depression which I am convinced is from the lack of estrogen since I never had this problem before Femara.


so my question to you is:  what experience do you have with the side effects of taking Aromasin and Tamoxifen compared to Femara?  I am afraid of Aromasin even though this was the one suggested by my doctor because I've read it can cause hair loss.  At the same time, I feel like after 5 years, I would like to try another drug besides Femara because I am hoping there would be less depression.


Thanks in advance for your advice!






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I am interested in the responses you get.  I will be at five years in October.  xoxoxo Lynn

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Good questions.  Would love to read the results since this will be my future.

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Hi Ohilly,

In 6 months I will be 5 years in and will have to chose whether to stay on anything or not.  I took tamoxifen for 2 and a half years and did great on that.  I had hot flashes, but that was abouit it.  Then after my hysterectomy they put me on Aromasin.  I did not experience any hair loss, but I do have pain and stiffness in my joints.  When I first started taking it, I did not think I could put up with the pain for 2 and a half years, but I am almost there.  I did notice the more I exercised and kept my body moving, the better I felt.  I would have no problem going back on tamoxifen if my doctor suggests that I do after my five years.  The side effects for me were nothing compared to Aromasin.

Hope this helps.


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