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Been to hospital about tongue...

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Well I've just had my appointment. 


I was seen by two oral surgeons. The first said he couldn't feel anything so went and got his consultant, who had a feel too. He said he COULD feel a lump but said he wasn't worried and told me he thought it was a tonsil. Apparently they increase and decrease in size now and again. He said that if it continues to bother me, then to make another appointment and they'll sort it out for me. 


Hopefully he is right and that's all it is, I'll try to forget about my mouth for a week or so (that means no touching Aimee), and see if it decreases in size. I think has a bit, it's weird. It kinda gets big and a little firm and then I get the strange sensation in my mouth like something. Has burst then a slightly funny taste and it feels a little smaller, think its done this twice now. 

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Doctors usually tend to error on the side of caution, with two opinions, I think you've got some pretty good news there and reason to celebrate!

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yes it is looking good, thank god. I'm still a little apprehensive about getting my hopes up still though for some reason. 

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news!!  TWO oral surgeons saying not to worry is GREAT!  I found out about my cancer from an oral surgeon after he looked in my mouth and did a panoramic xray.  These guys know their mouth issues :)

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I should hope so! lol. Hopefilly a lot of my symptoms (the non physical ones obviously) are because of my excessive Googling and worrying *fingers crossed*, and it does turn out to be nothing.

I'll keep any eye in it the next 2 weeks or so and if not improvements I'll go back as suggested. 

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I would keep an eye on your condition and if it changes for the worse I would find a qualified ENT  who can give you a more definitive answer on what is bothering you.

In the meantime go with what you were told and try to relax.  If it was something obviously wrong they most likely would have seen and felt it and scheduled you accordingly.

With me, while it wasn’t obvious to me (cancer), it was to them and they moved fast.


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I will definitely keep an eye on it, as one of the surgeons advised. If there are no improvements or if it gets worse in say...the next couple of weeks, I'll get back in touch with the hospital and get them to do all the necessary tests, athe said they would. 

Even if it doesn't clear up and I do need further investigation, I'm hoping it will turn out to be ok. I've had a total of 9 medical professionals look at my tongue now and none of then think it's anything to worry about. That's 6 GP's (only one actually felt my tongue though, 1 dentist and 2 oral surgeons. So I'm hoping that's something positive.

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Six doctors, a dentist and now two oral surgeons feel you're fine. I would say you can relax and go on with your life :)

May you never have to deal with cancer in your lifetime. Take good care...


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I'm with "T". Sounds as if your good to go. I love the club we have here but I don't wish the initiation on anyone.

Enjoy your good news


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It is looking good :). Still, I'm a tad worried as I get on/off pain and bleeding from the area along with the sore throat that seems to be cominh back. When I see doctor next I think I'll ask if they'll consider giving me some antibiotics, seeing as they never tried me on them and even though it's been around for a while, I suppose there's still the possibility it's an infection that hasn't been able to heal as I've not been given the correct meds.

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