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Sun problems

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I live in Louisiana-land of hot as hades summers--always in the 90's, lows in the high 70's or 80's and 70% humidity.  Think sauna!

Usually, we head to the mountains in the summer.  This summer, on chemo, I am not ready to go anywhere.

My oncologist warned me that on my regimen (perjeta, herceptin, taxotere) I should be extremely careful going outside.  So, to go outdoors, I wear SPF 50 and I very big UV blocking sunhat.  I am olive complected and I do wear sunscreen daily, but I have rarely ever burned.

OK, here's my problem, if I am out in the sun (with hat and sunscreen) my face gets very burned and swollen and, even worse, I feel nauseated.  It is almost like a weird allergy to the sun.  My extremities and chest are untouched.  But my eyes and cheeks are swollen and red still this am after a short walk on Saturday.  Yesterday I felt awful.  By the afternoon, less nausea, so I went mall walking.

I went out just long enough for Cindy Lou to get a brief walk this am, but even that made me nervous.  So torn because I love to walk.

Danny's best friend owns a ranch in Mississippi that is on a beached bayou with lovely large roofed docks with fans and water slides.  We are scheduled to go there on the 4th with Katherine, Aaron and Bella.  But, I have to tell you, I am scared to death.  Maybe I can wear a burka.

No easy answers here, but I guess just needed to ventilate my frustrations to someone who would understand. 

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I was never on Perjeta or Herceptin but I did have 12 rounds of Taxotere. At the beginning of those rounds I felt OK and went outside to talk to a neighbor. I was out there about 15 minutes when my husband said, "You had better go inside. You are as red as a beet." I felt fine but did indeed look alarming. It scared me so I was exceedingly careful of any time in the sun after that. As if we need anything else to make us feel isolated. . . .Now we can't even be out in the sun. I do get your frustrations. A burka sounds like a fine idea. Your 4th of July plans sound lovely. You will just be careful and participate as best you can.


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Since starting Xeloda in April, I noticed I burn very easily. I have been off for a few eeks and still get red fast. So i am pasty pale ths summer :-( We took a vacation in May to Vegas and I thought I was going to burn to ashes everytime we got in the sun. I stayed under an umbrella at the pool and mapped out shade everywhere we went. I love to get a tan but those days are probably over. I have also noticed an increase in sun spots (or liver spots, either one). But, all in all its still possible to enjoy the outdoors...just have to figure out what works. I hope you enjoy your trip! Sounds really nice :-)

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Double Whammy
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I was told to avoid the sun because of Taxotere.  One day I was really cold and couldn't get warm so went outside to sit in the sun for a few minutes.  I thought I was being careful.  I had sunscreen on my face and a hat on.  I got burned on my face.  Everything else was fine, tho.  I'm fair and do burn relatively easily, but this was crazy.  I had lots of skin issues while on Taxotere. 

I don't thnk you need a burka, but definitely protect yourself and try and stay in the shade as much as possible.  Take an umbella with you.  You should be quite the Southern Belle with your parasol. 


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I'm feeling a bit stronger today so I thought I would take the dogs for a walk tomorrow morning before it got too hot.  I forgot to pick up sunscreen before starting chemo., but I didn't think it would be a problem if I only stayed out for half an hour.

Thanks to your post, I have changed my mind.  You have saved me from a terrible mistake and a lot of pain.


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What is really weird is I never, ever burn and I had on one of those wide-brimmed hats UV protected too) and sunscreen.  

I am going to play it by ear and talk to our friend.  I may have to spend some time indoors, because, even the shade, is hot and intense down here.  Or I may just send Danny and have him take photos.  Not sure. 

And my face is red, hot and painful!  The only thing that helps is steroid/aloe cream and advil.  Everything will depend on how bad my face feels next week.

Looks like mall walking for awhile.  I would try night walking but the bugs are really bad.

I think I have turned into a vampire...Lol.

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Your plans for the 4th sound lovely.  Just stay in the shade.  I wish that I could send you some cool Maine air.  However, it was hot here today in the 80's.

Reading all these posts, I now know why I had such a red face while doing just a little weeding on Sunday.  Guess I will have to watch the sun though I am not one to seek it out.



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