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I overheard the conversation of a coworker as she was describing her pregnancy to a younger coworker.

Her said the following to her:

"It feels like something is growing in your belly. You are nauseous all the time, certain foods you crave like crazy, but can't have,

but you can't eat the ones you really want. Sometimes you are constipated, sometimes you have runs. You are tired a lot and just wanna sleep. You are sick of all these doctor's visits, you just want it to be over with.

Your emotions are like a rollercoaster. You are walking down the street, you see all this people and you fill like you are the only one with this problem."  

As she was talking I'm like: I know I am a guy, but I better get her Obstetrician's number, because I have exactly the same symptoms.


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laughter sounds great, haven't been able to muster much up as I was just diagnosed last week, going in for ct and ultrasound tues. to Stanford pretty nervous about the recsults.

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I was where you are now just 4 weeks ago, I know how you feel. Remember, the worst thing is the unknown. Stanford is one of the greatest hospitals there is. Get all the information you can and I'm telling you 100%: GET 3 OPINIONS specially if youb are gonna need surgery.

Even with chemo, triple check everything. I just found out that my doctor gave me half of the necessary dose I needed and I went like that for 8 days.

Unfortunatelly doctors are humans too, they have their personal problems, hundreds of patients. You cannot trust your recovery to anyone. Check with other doctors and other patients.

In a few days all this uncertainty will be behind you and even though you will have a tough road ahead of you like all of us, it is a road and not a jungle.

Keep us posted, it is very theraputic.

Force yourself to make every day a good day. You will fail then succeed.


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