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Free hats, scarves and more for those starting chemo!

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I know these sites helped a lot of the pinkies on here before, and, it might help some of you now that are going thru chemo.  I think they all offer FREE stuff for you.  I hope these sites can help some of you! 

Franceluxe.com - Beautiful free silk scarf     Everyone loved these a lot!

Headcovers.com - Scarves, headwraps, hats, wigs and turbans.

Heavenlyhats.com - Free hats

Hatsforyou.net - Free hats

www.thelydiaproject.org - Free bag with lotion and note pad

Hatsofftochemo.com - Free hats

www.goodwishesscarves.org - Free scarf or wrap



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Thanks. I will check it out.


Pink Rose
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This is really great Ritzy! 

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A great post!  Thanks!

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Thanks for the great info


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Megan M
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This was always a great post Sue! 

Candi Cane
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I don't need chemo, but, thought this post is worthwhile for everyone to read. 


Nana Sue
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I am sure many could benefit from the sites you posted.  Thanks!

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Thanks Ritzy!

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Shortly after I began my chemo treatment, I wrote to www.goodwishesscarves.org and they sent me a lovely head scarf, the kind one just plucks on.  They were the nicest groups ever, sending me a card signed by everyone in their organization.  I continue to receive emails (at my request) on their activities to raise funds to buy this scarves to give away to those of us going or doing chemo.

I think they are a great organization.  I hope you try them.   Thank you Sue for posting this again.



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Many that emailed these companies were very satisfied.  I am hoping that many will take advantage of these sites too.

Thanks Sue!


Hugs, Kylez

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They are good sites and I just want everyone that might want a scarf or hat to be able to get one. 

Sue :)

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