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Fatigue, stomach pain ?

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I am almost 6 weeks postoperative. Partial via Divinci robot.

I have a desk job, so have been back to work on and off for several weeks.

Seems like around 2pm I sorta "run out of gas" and usually head home for some bed rest.

I do keep reading the it was major surgery, to give it time, etc.

In addition to walking x2 a day, I have started using light weights for arm curls, and sometimes feel stomach pains afterwards, not too strong though, but it concerns me.

Also, my stomach is still protruding and I have had a flat stomach all my life.

How long does it take to really feel normal again??

ok, I feel better just posting this. Thanks folist tending to my whine!! :)

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Everything you are describing is perfectly normal, as you say it is early days. I had my surgery, also a partial nephrectomy at the end of March. It was only this month that I felt I had fully regained my energy. Previuosly, I had plenty of energy in the mornings but my body seemed to literally deflate come the afternoon.

I have no stomach twinges at all now and I am constantly lifting and bending, working on our land. I have no problems at all. My stomach has returned to normal apart from small pouch below my right rib. I am told that it probably will stay like that now.

All the best

Djinnie x

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Recovery is not a contest to see who does what first. Generally age and physical condition dictate your pace of recovery. Do seek a doctors advise if you feek it is more than a slower than wished for recovery.



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I cant see your age in your profile, but age and general physical condition plays a big part in how fast you recover.

Unless the abdominal pain is really bad, or constant, I wouldnt be to alarmed over it. I had on and off stinging pains for over 6 months, especially in conjunction with training (both cardio and strength).

As for the "bulge". Well, you dont describe the size, but unless its really protruding its probably something you have to live with to some extent. My sixpack never came back, and its probably not going to according to my doc. Simply because the abdominal muscles were severed where the handport, as they call it, was.

The fatigue is something I think everyone here has experienced. Time is the cure.



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Welcome to my world!  Your surgery was one day before mine.  We are roughly the same age and similar circumstances.  What you are feeling is identical to my experiences at this point.

I took a whirlwind trip this weekend to a one day family reunion, that was a 10 hour trip one way. We went on Friday the reunion was Sayutday and drove back on Sunday.  I've been nearly catatonic Monday. Well, me and my dog who was constantly on guard from the moment we left until the moment we got home!

She is utterly wiped! LOL  Laughing

Its cool! It should pass!


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Thanks for all the feedback. I am just impatient, despite the knowledge I have gleaNed from all on this site.

I have a follow-up appt. with my oncologist today, but already know results of my PET scan from last week.

i am sure he will concur with all of you re recovery time, but plan to discuss anyway.

thanks again guys...

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