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Officially Diagnosed...bummer

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Joined: Jun 2013

So, here I am. Officially diagnosed with ductal carcinoma. We don't know if it is "in situ" yet, so prayers, good vibes, whatever you've got- send our way. Thank you to the ladies who pushed me to insist on a biopsy! Cancer, indeed, knows no age.

-Molly (Age 30)


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Keep in mind you are not alone.  We will be here to talk and offer help.  We'll even send the Pink Bus when you need it.

Know you are in my heart and in my prayers.


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Im so sorry to hear that :(

Just remember you're not alone, I'm 30 as well and was diagnosed with the same type of cancer last month.


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I am so sorry to hear this!  Sending hugs and prayers tonight.  Please keep us updated.

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Sorry to hear that you are becoming a member of the group no one wants to be in. We are all here for you and you will find support, info and good listeners here. I will keep you in my thoughts as you begin your joruney.



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Hi Molly,

I am so sorry you had to hear that diagnosis.  Whether it's "in situ" or invasive, you will get advice and support from pink brothers and pink sisters that will help you along the way.   You are not alone.

Sending prayers and hugs your way,


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I am very sorry, Molly to read about your diagnose.  You come to the right place for support and help.  You have that correct cancer doesn't care if your young or old, male or female, to buzy, don't have time and etc.  Sorry you have to join a club you didn't want to even know.

Best wishes to you,


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Sorry Molly for your diagnosis.  You've got a great bunch of pink sisters that will be praying for you.

Hugs, Debby

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Yes, cancer has no rules for sure.  I definitely don't like to hear that a 30 y/o has been diagnosed.  I'm glad you listened and pushed for more!  Let us hear from you soon.  Hugs, Linda

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Thanks for all of your support and encouragment. Just ready to beat it and move on (if moving on is really even possible). 

taylor manny
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You will beat it!

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I am so sorry to hear this.  Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.



taylor manny
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Thinking of you Molly!

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Oh Molly, I am SO sorry that you got a cancer diagnosis. I AM glad that you took the initiative to be an advocate for your own  health and got the biopsy sooner rather than later. Almost any disease is easier to treat when caught early. Please let us all know what happens as this journey begins. The ladies and gentlemen on this board have a wealth of experience and are always glad to share. Be well.


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well if you have to be here...it's a great place to be for caring thoughts, Ideas, suggetions or just a shoulder to cry on..



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How are you doing ??  Silly question, but we are concerned.  Wrapping your mind around your recent breast cancer diagnosis  - plan of action in place yet.?

Please do let us know.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

Lynne P
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Thinking of you also and hoping that you are moving forward.


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Sending prayers!

Candi Cane
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I'm very sorry Molly.  This is a great place to come and vent or just share what you're going through.  I am wishing you lots of good luck!


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Molly, I am very , very sorry you are dealing with this at such a young age. I was dx at 32 with the same type of cancer as yours. I took chemo, radiation and currently on tamoxifen. I harvested my eggs too. You've come to the right place for support!! These ladies helped me tons. Please feel free to PM me if you need anything. We are here for you. You will do GREAT! And you will be OK. Believe it!

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