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Mets to bone

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My dad dx with EC 9/2012, found out cancer now in hip and very small spot on spine. Looking for hope. Worried about how much longer. Can he beat it with chemo and rad. Is the chemo worse that the chemo for EC. Any encoraging stories of hope or advice would be wonderful to hear. God bless!!

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Sorry to hear about your dad. My husband has metastatic lung cancer. Chemo & radiation were done but it is now in his bones. He just finished 4 rounds of Chemo. They just started him on an IV drug called Zometa. It is given once a month. It supposed to harden the bones so that the cancer has a very hard time growing. I hope this info helps. Prayers to you & yours. I know what you're going through!

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Good to hear about slowing it down with drug.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for sharing.


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I am in month 23 of my colon cancer battle that began as Stage IV with mets to the liver.

now there are mets in both hips, pelvic area and in the ribs (right ribs, next to the liver) and into the spin area.

the pain is getting worse all the time.


i have had radiation to the left hip in the summer, and it worked as it reduced the pain greatly.

i was at a point where i couldn't walk without limping and the pain was pretty bad.  So, they radiated that area of the lift hip.

the problem with that, is they had to stop my chemo treatments for a couple months during the radiation treatment... and then the cancer in the liver began to dance around and grow.


now i'm on a weekly chemo treatments plus that Zometa monthly med... but the mets in the bones contine to show up in more places. 

I am on a pain patch called Fentenyl and i'm on the 50 doze.  Plus when the pain gets worse, i take additional pain pills. 


its pretty scary, but there's little that can be done about the bone mets.

i don't think the bone cancer is something that is going to kill me... it's the liver cancer going into the lungs or the brain that will one day get me.

but the pain of bone cancer can get really really bad.


doc's told me to "stay ahead of the pain" and never go off the pain meds.

the problem is that the pain meds are just as bad as Chemo when it comes to screwing up the emotions, the memory and the personality swings.


not fun. But, the love and care all around me from others is something i never dreamed of.  it has taken me a long time to get to this point...

but i'd rather have a long cancer battle than a heart attack that kills me on the spot.


if there's anything else i can do to help... just hollar!




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Thank you for sharing this Joe.

I go into hospital in 2 days for bone scan, lung biopsy, and meet with rad oncologist for 2 brain lesions. Severe pain in lower leg, areas of concern and included in CT scan show hip and scrum. Painful there as well. Lower leg severe.

Your shared experience helps me with so much unkown.

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