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a bit off the subject

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Hey everyone,

This is not c related, but very near and dear to my heart.  Today is my husband's Birthday.  He has struggled with diabetes, and related health issues since he was in his 20's.  Rolie has been through the ropes seriously....eye surgeries, heart attack, loss of his vision, serious kidney damge.  And yet he puts me to shame with his upbeat attitude and can do attitude with life.  I have been his primary caregiver for 25 yrs....and I never thought seriously about how he managed to plow ahead with all that he endures on a daily basis.  We were talking about it the other morning, and it brought me tears.  I finally understand.  I guess it makes me cherish the time we have together even more today then ever.  So Happy Birthday Rolie ! 

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Loved your post ... 25 yr of  ups and downs but apparently lots n lots of love

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From my perspective, I think you are two peas in a pod....You too, are upbeat and positive....and have plowed through plenty of set backs.  Smile  I can always feel the deep love and appreciation you have for Rollie, whenever you speak of him.


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The things you mention that you both share and endure individually are what makes you what you are..., a team.

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The happiest of birthdays to your Rolie.

You said you don't know how he managed to plow ahead with all that he endures.  I say that each and every day that I am on this site reading about all you wonderful patients and caregivers.  I quite honestly don't think I could endure and I don't know where the strength comes from that all of you courageous people possess.

May God continue to bless you and Rolie.


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Happy Birthday to your Rolie ! I agree with John ( as usual) you two are a team . Wishing you both more happy Birthday memories !


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post!  That was very sweet!!  I can tell that you two are a team for life :)

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Other than you each complement each other, Rolie must truly be a saint if he is teaching you the meaning of love, happiness and caring.  I always thought you were a natural at the personal interaction, now I find out you are sitting on a gold mine of compassion named Rolie.

So, Happy Birthday Rolie, you’ve got our Katie.



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Sorry for being a day late but I hope Rolie had a great Birthday. I have to check my drivers license, but I do believe I have one coming up in a few days. One thing cancer has made me realize is how important my wife (boss) Kate is to me.

Enjoy the day


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Great post!  Happy bday!

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