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Funny story from hospital

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So, because it took 5 hours (really) to get out of bed before I went to the ER, my husband fed me all kinds of pills.  I couldn't lift my head for water, so he gave me pieces of chocolate cookies to swallow pills with.  After a while, he was panicked and said "&^&%&* you are bleeding from your face and arms"  I said that  was only the cookies (it was dark in the bedroom still).

So the next day he called me to say he was cleaning the house and "don't worry, I vaccumed you side of the bed!"  Note:  I have at least 10 sets of sheets in the linen closet.

Needless-to-say, I laughed so hard, I had bad spasms and the nurse had to give me another poke of dilaudid.


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Great story.  And so glad to see that your sence of humor was not damaged.

Keep getting better.


June Bugs
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That is funny.  You've got a great husband! 

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feel better



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