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Soon to be

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I got the call today from my onco's office...I'm scheduled to be de-PORT-ed on July 5th ...yeah, not that the little beast ever bothered me, it was a godsend during chemo and any labs I had to have, besides  you can barely see the bump in my chest, the de-port-ation is another milestone, I count each one as blessing . My appointment with the cardiologist to review the blockage in my left carotid is next Wed another new  doctor to add to the list ...lol....gotta keep moving forward one day at a time.


have a great weekend ya'll , look at the super moon on the 23rd...blessings to you.



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It's great to see you moving forward with things improving everyday.  Yeah I get the another specialist thing added....but what do ya do ?  Is this something they can fix with a simple procedure or meds ?  I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers until everything resolves with this issue.  You've got a fantastic attitude, and it's contagious !  I hope we can see that super moon too....but we've had nothing but storms every night for the past few days.  Hoping someone can take a picture and post it for me.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Katie...thanks for the kind words...there is no place to go but forward...as for the blockage it's at 50% my onco says not to be worried..from what I read there are meds as well as procedures that can be done...so will see . My onco has always said I had a great attitude my thoughts and comments have always been I've got too much to do..an 8 yr old granddaughter I want to watch grow up , neices n nephews who are starting families, a brother and sistas too laugh and grow old with ...in my mind this dance I had with "C" was just a slight detour.

I'll be sure to take pics of the super moon.


be safe be well ms Katie 

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Congrats on your de"port"ation! I just posted a response to Sandy, who's having a rough time with her husband Rob. Then I clicked on your post and there it was in a few words what I was trying to say in many... "there is no place to go but forward".

Ain't that the truth!

Positive thoughts and prayers


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Ahhh, I know the feeling..., no more flushings of the 3rd kind.., LOL.

Forward is a very good thing...

BTW, that is a big azz star fish you are holding...

Best ~ John

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Contratulations on your de-PORT-ation!  I love that.  Not everyone can say they are happy about being deported.  :-)


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on being de-port-ed !! Lol Love love  your attitude ! and keep moving forward !


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"keep moving forward, one day at a time".  I told my family today "This is the worst day.  Each day will get better."  I'll say the same tomorrow, the next day, the next day :)


Congrats on the de-port-ing!!  One day at a time!! :)

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jim and i
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Congrats on the de=porting. One more strp forward.

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Jameson for the whole gang.

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