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Nausea meds: What's your drug of choice?

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I'm finishing up treatment #2 of FolFuri, Iriritecan + Avastc

biggest sideeffects I'm having are consipation, gasy stomach, hick ups, along with the watery eyes, runny noses.... the usually.


but the nauseaousness is somethinkg stronger than I expected. Vomiteding is also daily but doesn't seem to last long.


I'm trying Atavan and one other drug which slips my mind right now...


what are your home remedies or drugs of choice to get you moving in the morning witht he worst nausea ever?

yesterday, I felt great when leaving the house... but the time I go to where I was going i threw up 3-4 times.


no pretty.


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Hi Joe, 

My husband found relief with Sancuso patches after compazine and zofran didn't work. You wear the patch for 7 days. They may require prior authorization from your health insurance. 


All my best,


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ohhh so sorry Joe.....nausea is the worst.  I used the expensive drug.....Emend but sometimes I would just use gravol and there is a new gravol that has natural ginger  in it.  I tried putting a slice of fresh ginger under my tongue....and I would nibble on soda crackers.  Sorry Joe.....never found a good answer for the dreaded nausea. Some people here swear by MaryJ


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I found the marijuana edibles were a great alternative to prescribed meds, as the biggest side effects are that you get a great night sleep and a better appetite with a calm stomach.


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This may be a silly question, but do you order or make the edibles yourself? This was on the list to get when DH was diagnose, but I actually just bought a bag. I have searched how to put it in foods and oil/butter, but never have attempted yet. this is not something he would have done BC and really didn't when he was sick from chemo he just suffered most of the time. He did smoke it a couple of times when it just became too much. The meds the dr gave him did nothing to help with the Nauseated feelings. DH is getting ready to start the Xeolda and I am hoping to be prepped for this so he is able to feel better. Also I will be insisting the dr tries a new Med as well. Thank you for any help!

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In Medical Marijuana Legal states you can buy them at the dispensary.

If you need to make your own it is not hard and plenty of tutorials on the web.

I use 1 ounce of Marijuana to 1 pound of Coconut Oil and use it as butter for cookies, etc. (makes 75-150 cookies) I actually use a Magical Butter Machine to make it easier. ($175US) I used them during my radiation treatment and they were very effective. You will need to figure out the dosage that works for you. I take one at bedtime, helps me get a good nights sleep.

 I can probably answer any questions you have.


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Thank you for your help! 

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I use Emend and it is a miracle drug for the nausea!  It does cost $50 for 3 pills but worth it.

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So sorry you are having such a hard time with side effects.....zofran has worked for me. Hope you find a solution soon....~ Ann

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Prochlorper 10mg every six hours which was prescibed by his onc.  Pat usually takes it one to two days after treatment.  It has helped greatly!  

And while Pat would love to follow Phil's choice for nausea, he can't, because his job entails driving a truck (what can Brown do for you) and they would frown upon that type of medicating!  

Pat is on the same combo you are and he is having treatment #8 tomorrow.  He had a CT scan after #5 and had very positive results.

Feel better,


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Ativan, 2 mg takem three times a day.  Makes you pretty darn sleepy, but it did knock out the nausea.

Prior to that, I had tried everything, including the "gold standard" Emend and tincture of opium, with no luck.  I tried the Ativan at that dosage on the advice of an experienced onc nurse, and was thrilled with the results.

I did use weed, as well, which helped a bit but not as much as Ativan.  More fun, though...

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I took the medication prescribed for hospital treatment.  When I wore the portable chomotherapy, I chewed on Natural ginger chews.  I purchashed the ginger from the health food stores.

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When I could I would take Emend. At home I have a prescription chewableOndansetron ODT 8 mgevery 8 hours.  Pray it gets better soon. Jeff

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The Sancuso patch was the miracle drug for my daughter. They put it on at the start of her chemo and she leaves it on for a week. They also cover it with a clear dressing, "Op-site" or "Tegaderm," which keeps it from coming loose. It is covered as part of her chemo treatment when they put it on there at the cancer center. Otherwise, the co-pay is very expensive. She also takes Emend for three days. She had a lot of trouble with nausea and vomiting before these two drugs. Best wishes to you. Nausea is the pits.


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Atarax (Hydroxyzine HCl or Vistaril) is related to Benadryl, and has worked well for me.  I often used it in conjunction with Zofran and other meds, but when push came to shove, the atarax would work the best.

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For me it was weed truffles or cookies, I never suffered bad nausea with them, and it seems like a more natural anti-nausea then the man made chemicals in the other medications.  I'll be in Ohio in August, more then happy to bring you a truffle or two to try.

Winter Marie

(hope you find something that works soon, remember to drink more right now so you don't get dehydrated, and while you're at it try and eat watermelon (nice way to get hydrated and tastes good too)).

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I had nausea 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I made a decision not to take anything for it, and just learned to live with it. I did come up with a few things that worked well:

1. a hot bath

2. High dose vitamin C IV

3. This weird massage from a qigong master.


Hot bath was temporary and offered a few hours relief, the other two gave a full day relief.

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My onc gave me COMPAZINE. Hope it works for you!!! Good Luck.

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emend worked wonders for me - it was about $100 per pill, but the difference between night and day.



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I'm guessing that some cannibas users are being quiet due to laws in their state but having used Emend first and the cost and effectiveness of it, compared to the cost and effectiveness of cannibas I'm a bit shocked.

Obviously everyone can choose whatever drug they want but I wonder if there's the stigma associated to pot...

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they approved cannibas here in nj for meds, but no town wants to be the first one to allow "pot growers" in their town "so close to schools."  i guess they are fine with it being illegially brought in from other countries.  nevery having had the options (hate the idea of smoking, period, but a pot brownie sounds delish) i can't speak for the effectiveness of it though and unless something changes, i probably never will.


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I wish it was legal on a medical basis in all states and with the Feds.

While I personally haven't needed it, I have had several offers to "put me in touch" if I ever do. 

It would be much safer for all, if it were quality controled and legally available.

I would hate being a "law breaker" but would certainly buy it and use it if it helped.

Marie who loves kitties


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Luckily, Zofran is working for me so far.  If you are inclined, I have seen the positive results of pot with nausea and overall well being (being able to eat and be nourished).  If I wasn't at risk of losing licensure in my professional field, I would definitely try it if needed. 

On that note- encourage friends to vote "for" if on the next ballot. 

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I have Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) which is a  condition that can occur when the blood-forming cells in the bone marrow become abnormal. This leads to low numbers of one or more types of blood cells. MDS is considered a type of cancer.  I was so sick tried Zofran, Ativant, Ginger and nothing worked.  During my chemotherapy that gave me Aloxi through my port along with my chemo medicine  vidaza  I am pretty good during chemo but the three weeks in between was awful.  Finally we found the answer Emend taken three days the first week of chemotherapy which I have a discount so only pay a $25.00 copay.  Then I start using Sancuso two days after my last day of chemotherapy.  My problem was until today that the patch kept coming off but when it was on it was my miracle medicine, I talked to a PantherRx pharmicist and they are sending my out op-site patches to put on top of the Sancuso patch.  This was such a blessing for me today, until they come I just went to Walgreens and got a medical tape pharmicist said to use cloth I got 4 days before it started to come off.  Now it's off and I feel really sick will put another on tonight.  I hope this help.  And I say prayers all the time for all the people battling cancer, have fought cancer and the loved ones.


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Oh my goodness, I've not remembered him until this post.  This is old and some of the medications could have changed by now.  Haven't seen him post on here in a long time so I'm wishing him well if he is still around.  Don't want to post any negative about him because it used to be that site would take people down if they passed and I'm one for keeping people's history on this board. 


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Joe was one of our former members. He passed a few years ago now, as have a several others in this thread. 

And I think they stopped taking down our members profiles after Craig passed. So yeah, leave him alone. He lives through his words. 


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It always bothered me that they took down posts of people passed.  They had so much information to share and hated it when they did this.  They took away our memories and stories of people we grew to know.  I've told my family never to share my passing on here as my "About Me" page has some things some one might want to read.  I'm hoping you are right about the deletions.  Miss Joe's smiling face.


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