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NED Visited Again

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Saw my onco today got the NED results..whew!!!....BUT, seems that my left carotid artery shows 50% blockage, this was the side of the neck with the least rads ..as the WHAT THE XXXX rolled off my lips I said how..she said a gift from radiation, I said tell me how 4 clean PET scans , now a 2nd CT all in the last 18 months didn't show any of this..she had no explanations...she will make a referal to a cardiologist for me, told me to start taking a baby asprin again.. I asked isn't 50% bad, she said not really it's when you get to 80,90 or completely blocked then it's bad...said not to worry just have it checked ..and seee ya in 6 months. I guess cause I'm just an engineer I will never ever understand the medical field and all it's just because's.

Anyway happy for the NED and will take the atery stuff as the next step in my abi-normal life.

Take care all,




..ps...has anyone else had any carotid issues after treatment?

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wtg on the ned!  sorry to hear about the blockage but at least they know its there and will watch it.  for now celebrate your ned, u deserve it.


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So glad that all is clear. But so sorry to hear about the artery problem. Man, if it's not one thing, it's another.

Take care,



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I am so glad to hear about you NED.  Best of luck with the artery thing.



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On hearing NED again !!!!  Take your asprin and try not to worry because they will be watching your carotid  arteries now and they may never get more than 50 % blocked . Now go out and celebrate !


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I had to have an intervention for just this problem this winter.  I have known about stenosis on the side opposite my cancers for some time, as it shows up on CT scan.  My last scan, back in December showed a "high grade" lesion.  I decided to wait awhile for intervention, as it didn't appeal to me to have a fix for this, then  just have my cancer come back.  Well......  I had an occular stroke in March, got up one morning and found I had lost half the vision in my right eye.  So in to the hospital I went.   They did a balloon angioplasty and stented that carotid the next day.  I must say the surgery was a piece of cake.  I'm now three months out from the fix, going in tomorrow for follow up ultrasound, and hopefully to come back off of the plavix.   50% is not a big deal.  90% is a big deal.    Obviously, these problems are much more common in us guys who have had radiation than in the general public. 


Be well.



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Thanks for sharing your story...and good luck with your follow-up ultrasound...will wait to see what the cardo doc says...my onco says no big deal. 


Take care


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Blocked arteries are also a side effect of the rads???  This is too much for me to think about now.  I just have to stay focused on my brother cleaning Jack's clock and staying alive.  Congratulations on your good news, Linda.


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Who woulda thunk it...lol ...as my rad doc said 18 months ago radiation the gift that keeps on giving.

Mrs. Sarge
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Ned is such a peaceful feeling, huh Linda?  So glad for you and keep up the good work!!  Hopefully the baby aspirin will do it's job and you won't have to worry about that artery, at least for a long, long time!!

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Celebrate the NED...Congrats! Glad they caught the artery and will keep a watchful eye. 

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Linda - Yehaa!!

Atta  Girl!  Great to hear NED for you.  Sorry to hear about another "gift" for you but as they say - it's just a thang - you'll be fine.   We all get those extra gifts somewhere down the line. 

I shoulda figured you for one of those dang engineers (oh wait, so I am I).

Enjoy your summer!!



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That is great news ......with a little speed bump :)

Whispered a little prayer the artery gets resovled to satisfaction.


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jim and i
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congrats on the ned

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