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Chemo postponed

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I had bloodwork yesterday and it showed my white and red counts are low.  Went in to my pre-chemo appointment and found my blood pressure is also low.  I am on a blood pressure medication to keep my heart rate in check.  My blood pressure is always normal so I think the meds is bringing it down.  The PA put in a call to my cardiologist and he reduced the meds.  I am taking two drugs for my heart when he told me my heart is okay.  Go figure!

Well, at least I know why I am feeling crappy.  I have no energy.  Hopefully my counts will go up but nothing is being done to ensure that will happen.  I thought they would give me blood or something.  I sometimes feel the medical profession is so willy-nilly.

Anyway at least I have another week to feel good before the next chemo.  I have been housebound, except for appointments, for a month and before that I had only gone to the grocery store a couple of times to stock up before chemo.  I haven't gone shopping for several months.  I had been spending all my time with my cousin and didn't feel like shopping while she was so sick.  She is still at the rehab, her incision is not quite healed plus she has had a bladder infection and a bout with pneumonia.  It never seems to end for her.  I haven't seen her since May 28th.  It sucks that we are both ill at the same time because we are such support for each other.  I miss her.



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Hopefully your blood pressure will go up a little and you can get the chemo. Contact your Cardiologist and let him know what happened...maybe he can lower your dose. Praying for good results....vVal 

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So sorry that your chemo was postponed and that you're feeling crappy.  Maybe you can ask your doctor if there are foods you can eat to help with the white and red counts.  In the meantime, know that this is only a temporary delay.  If you're not doing this already, be sure to step outside and get some fresh air and take a walk, even if it's only in the backyard. 

Hoping you're back on schedule really soon!


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Sorry about the delay. Hopefully by next week your bloodwork and blood pressure will normalize and you have more energy.

My best wishes to you and your cousin



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Hi Karen,

I have been out of commission for awhile.  Lots of issues for me too including low white and red counts.  My Oncologist gives me Nuelasta or Nupogen shots to boost my white counts.  This is to ensure I don't get sick as well with low white counts.  I also get Procrit shots to boost red cells.  If your platelets are low they only repair on their own or you can have a transfusion of platelets but not worth it because they die off within a few days.  I hope you bounce back quickly and lowering your heart meds help?  My BP was really low yesterday so they put me on a 3 hr saline IV drip.  My BP was low due to dehydration.  It bounced back to normal after the salinehydration.  Maybe drinking more water might help?  Hope you can get out and about soon and feel better!    Sending positive energy as always!   Michele

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Hi Karen.  I am sorry you got postponed.  I remember that crappy feeling all too well.  I hope you get your energy back soon.  You are in my prayers for sure.



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