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Words of comfort and care

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It seems that we are having a spell of less than good news for our members, cancer related or not.


"Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand."

~Emily Kimbrough

No matter our own burdens we each reach out to hold another and offer a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or a hand to hold to get us through this latest challenge.

May each person feel that support and comfort and caring.

Marie who loves kitties

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Here's my hand....here's my shoulder....here's my one good ear...and here is my heart...

Thank you for all who have lended me theirs too:)

May this place continue to be a place of comfort with a soft place to land for those that come here...

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When do you get your scan results Craig. I feel like I am the one waiting for results. I will have to deal with that myself next month

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oh thank you Marie! I love you.....sometimes you just hit the old nail on the head right at the perfect time.  

Craig I have been thinking and thinking about you.....wondering when those results will drift in

and Mr. janderson.....good buddy....I got your back cuz we  are a team.....well matched....cept you are one liver resection ahead of meSmileSmile


thanks Marie and a hug to all


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Leaving for the results party shortly...

The report did come in and I got to look at it...after reading it, I'm thinking one thing, but better let the onc tell me the words in person, before I alarm anyone.

I've done a good enough job of that already....

Thank you so much for your concern:)

Best wishes for everyone - as with most things beyond our control - the dye has already been cast - and largely what is...already was...

I will let everyone know - the support was so overwhelming that I owe everybody that...

It does feel good to feel everyone's energy:)

It's a fitting post, Marie.....for so many out there....may comfort be drawn like the water from a well....


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Your doctor's office may not be big enough for all of us in mind and spirit who will be with you this afternoon.  It's weighing on all of us, friend....

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Good luck Craig!

Nice post Marie!

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I swear you should be writing thrillers, as you have clearly mastered the cliff hanger.  Dang, buddy...this is going to be a long day for me waiting for you to post again.  Hope you don't leave us hanging too long.  Whatever the news, we should be there to help you shoulder it.

And thank you for this post, Marie...it reflects the best aspects of this forum, and what we should all aspire to as members of this community (which doesn't mean that, like any family, the fur won't fly on occasion).

Lots o' love to all from AA

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